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CHARM your supporters with Bangle Dangles! Bangle Dangles are custom bangle charm bracelets. Each Bangle Dangle is adjustable and one size fits most. Each adjustable bangle features the charm or charms that define your mission or campaign. Bangle Dangles spread awareness, thank supporters, and help raise funds. Use Bangle Dangles for everything from donor gifts to special events like walks, runs, and fundraisers. 

Only the Best

Your supporters LOVE to spread the word about your cause by wearing YOUR Bangle Dangles and telling YOUR story. Bangle Dangles make them feel like a recognized and special member of your community.


Bangle Dangles are custom bangle charm bracelets. Each bracelet is adjustable and one size fits most. Very popular to wear in stacks. Create multi-charm program supporters will collect to make their own statement while supporting your cause!

CHARMS created from your logo or choose one of 75+ popular symbol charms


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embrace the power of charms


Use Bangle Dangles To: 

  • Engage your community
  • Thank your supporters, members, and volunteers
  • Commemorate good work and achievement
  • Support your mission
  • Honor the gift of time and support
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Recognize important contributions
  • Send a message to find a cure, stop abuse, save an animal

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels Meeting Important Needs of Pediatric Cancer Patients


Fare Bangle Charm Bracelets Helping to Fund Important Food Allergy Research

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Spreading Awareness Using Branding: Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Corbin's Legacy

Legacy Jewelry Honoring Corbin Leafman and Sharing Her Story

R.A.C.E Charities

Bangles for Glory: R.A.C.E. Charities Help Promote Colon Cancer Awareness

“Our bracelets are beyond perfect! Thank you so much! Charity Charms was able to turn what we had envisioned into a perfect product! I couldn’t be happier with the end result and Kay was a delight to work with!”

Faaria Chowdhury


“The Bangle Dangles set us apart from the rest of the chapters during recruitment. Because we had a cohesive look, many non-members were more curious about our philanthropic cause. Not to mention how we support our community.”

Caitlyn Barner

Philanthropy Chairwoman

“We have received great reviews about our bangle bracelets! We have sold them as a fundraiser and also plan to use them as sponsor gifts, anniversary gifts for our administrative team, and continue to sell them at trade shows, a very versatile product!”

Kim Hearn

Director of Development and Communications, Icing Smiles

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