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Charity Charms Is Proud To Partner With Give Back Nation

We are proud to announce our partnership with Give Back Nation. Give Back Nation is a wonderful organization which provides people with valuable resources and support. Charity Charms is honored to be chosen as their expert sourcing partner for fundraising and...

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Introducing New Products, Pricing, and Possibilities!

We have been hard at work reworking and updating the products section of our website. We are happy to announce the new Charity Charms Inspiration Hub! This Inspiration Hub puts you right at the heart of what Charity Charms is all about: you! There are so many amazing...

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#GivingTuesday 2018 Is Coming! Have You Started Planning?

Since 2012, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become known as #GivingTuesday. In fact, it has become the official kick-off to the Season of Giving. During the holiday season, people feel more inspired to give. As a result, charitable giving during the final...

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The “Charm” of Animals at the Phoenix Zoo

  The Phoenix Zoo has welcomed over 43 million guests since opening in November of 1962. The zoo prides itself on being an essential figure in the community. It was the community, after all, that led the charge to build the zoo. 50+ years later, The Phoenix Zoo...

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Are You Aware of Your Awareness Month?

Awareness months serve many purposes. They serve as a tool to unite people, but above all, they bring awareness to a particular cause or issue. As a matter of fact, each month is an awareness month for a few causes. Charities and dedicated organizations petition in...

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It’s Back to School, and Charms Go Too!

Back to School time means a lot of things to different people. It can mean a brand new start or a new adventure. It can also mean time for fundraising and acknowledging the people who make things run smoothly day after day. Our name is Charity Charms but we also make...

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Animals Are Our Passion

  At Charity Charms we love animals. We are happy to say we have created bonds with many nonprofits and organizations who aim to improve the lives of animals big and small. There are so many wonderful causes that have used Charity Charms as a way to raise funds and...

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Girls Golf Uses Symbols to Empower

Golf is one of the few sports played for life. It also happens to be a game that teaches valuable life skills like perseverance. Girls golf is a sport that is constantly growing in popularity. Girls Golf is a junior golf program promoting a...

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