Charms As A Force For Good

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Girls Golf Uses Symbols to Empower

Golf is one of the few sports played for life. It also happens to be a game that teaches valuable life skills like perseverance. Girls golf is a sport that is constantly growing in popularity. Girls Golf is a junior golf program promoting a...

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Mended Little Hearts Gives Support To Families

  Every 15 minutes a child is born with a congenital heart defect. A congenital heart defect is a problem with the heart's structure when a child is born. There are many types of defects and some may require no treatment at all. Regardless of how severe the...

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Compassion Is Needed Now More Than Ever

A Note from Charity Charm's founder Kay McDonald: Compassion is essential in today's chaotic world. Every day there is a new story about difficult situations and people who we feel for. As human beings, we should always have a passionate concern for the suffering of...

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Austin Pets Alive! A Fun Surprise for a Family Member

Recently there has been a huge movement to make every shelter in America no-kill. Of course, no animal should lose their life simply because they don't have a home. Animals bring happiness to our lives and, ultimately, we can't imagine our lives without...

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The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back

  Giving back to the community is important. In fact, giving back is often a reason many businesses exist in the first place. Today's businesses are focusing more on their social impact footprint than in the past. Ultimately, cause marketing is just smart...

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For Society of Chairs a Signature Bracelet was “Key”

  Above all, philanthropists have a desire to improve the welfare of others and their communities. Whether they have an overall love of humanity or passion for increasing the quality of life in their community, philanthropists dedicate their time to making things...

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