“Could It Really Be Possible…”

That a simple charm bracelet program could help you:
• Build your brand
• Attract volunteers and board members
• Fundraise
• Generate awareness

Charity Bracelets called GIVINGBANDs can help

It’s True!

In fact, over 500+ organizations worldwide have used GivingBands, and rave about their success.
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We focus on YOU to Create Your CUSTOM GIVINGBANDS Program.

The first step is creating a CUSTOM CHARM created from your logo like this:

It’s as EASY as 1,2,3….”Three times is a Charm”:

Step 1
The charm we create for you features the ICON in your logo so it’s actually a beautiful piece of ART that your supporters WANT TO WEAR. The back has info you select and is often as attractive as the front. See multiple examples HERE.

Step 2
Then, you choose the color (s) to match your brand.

Step 3
Next you choose which program is the best fit for your organization.

And Your Custom GivingBands program is born!

Everyone that “touches” your organization: Employees, Volunteers, Donors, Event Attendees, Corporate sponsors, 3rd party event organizations….everyone…

Will wear their bracelets with pride because they WANT to support your cause.

And by GIVING the a bracelet to wear you are GIVING them a simple way to spread your message while they proudly talk about their engagement with your organization.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

It is! Let’s get started: