A Corporate Gift Supports Feeding Matters

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Pediatric Feeding Disorder affects more than 2.3 million children under the age of 5 each year in the United States. Infants and children with PFD have a hard time with feeding which is a complex and demanding task especially for infants. Because of PDF, every bite of food can be scary, impossible, or even painful. As a result, it can hinder their nutrition, development, ability to grow, and overall well-being. The National Bank of Arizona, with our Charmed Giving Program, were able to bring these bracelets raising awareness to fruition. 

bracelets raising awareness

Bracelets Raising Awareness for a Disorder Not Well Known

Feeding Matters loved the idea of turning the icon in their logo into a custom charm. The icon of a table and chairs is an identifiable symbol of their organization. They chose the adjustable caring cords with mini charm to serve their unisex audience. Then they chose adjustable bangles with mini charm for the women that support their cause. We worked closely with them to create two completely unique custom branded items. Their design team created an impactful two sided descriptive card that tells the story of Feeding Matters. The organization is thrilled to have these items to help them spread awareness. This is especially important because Pediatric Feeding Disorder is not well known. They will use them for promotion and sell some for fundraising. Without National Bank of Arizona, this program would not have been possible.

“We love our Charity Charms! So far we have used them to thank donors and committees. This has been such a great way to say thank you and bring brand recognition at the same time. We are so grateful to have the support!”

Debbie Simons

Chief Development Officer, Feeding Matters


Feeding Matters is an organization that advocates, educates, researches, and changes policies related to Pediatric Feeding Disorder. They unite leaders in advocacy, experts on PFD, and healthcare professionals to improve the care of children. The mission is to advance the education and identification of PFD not to mention research and promote care for children and families. They are committed to promoting awareness and understanding of PFD with the hopes that children suffering from this disorder get the care and support they need allowing them to lead healthy, happy childhoods. Click here to learn more about Feeding Matters.


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The Charmed Giving Program

Feeding Matters is one of the very first organizations chosen by the National Bank of Arizona through our Charmed Giving Program. The Charmed Giving Program helps corporations and businesses fund a unique product their favorite charity can use to increase awareness, raise funds, brand an event, and more. Charmed Giving is a custom charm program that aligns and co-brands your company with their cause. With more and more consumers preferring to do business with companies that support social causes, it is a beneficial union for all involved.

“At National Bank of Arizona, we dedicate ourselves to helping each nonprofit reach its vision of improving the lives of Arizonans, and work as advocates to support all of the good nonprofits provide to our community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Charity Charms and Feeding Matters, two exceptional organizations that bring light to our community.”

Pam Keefe

National Bank of Arizona

To learn more about the Charmed Giving Program including resources click below



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