PROJECT: Charm20

Celebrating 20 years of impact by sharing the stories of

20 women owned businesses

Caring | Hope | Awareness | Reality | Mission

Celebrating 20 years

Illuminating incredible stories

LET US CELEBRATE you with a complete merchandise and marketing package that tells your story and highlights your impact in the world.

You are busy running your company or organization, and…doing good. Sometimes it’s hard to find the best way to share what you are doing…but it’s important and we are here to help.

In 2024, Charity Charms celebrates 20 years of creating IMPACT in the world through the POWER of CHARMS.

To celebrate this milestone, we are launching a new initiative that tells the stories of women-owned businesses creating impact for good.

Introducing – PROJECT:Charm20





Get to know project: charm20

About the Project:

PROJECT Charm20: is a merchandise and marketing program to share your story of impact via the Power of Charms (POC) platform. The program provides a wearable and meaningful vehicle to tell the world about your philanthropy, impact, and innovation.

The storytelling vehicle is a custom charm item, created from the logo, symbols, and colors that define the brand of your organization. The charms can then be used to thank clients, reward employees, and gift event attendees. They become the wearable spokesperson for your mission and brand.

Once created, we use the power of your charm as a symbolic and tangible way to share your story of impact with the world. Our platform The Power of Charms, tells YOUR story of impact and helps spread the word about the GOOD you are doing.

donor appreciation women heart bracelets
custom jewlery embracelets

Unveiling Goodness, Magnifying Impact: Your Story, Our Recognition Platform.


PROJECT: Charm20

Valued at $20,000

100 Sterling Bracelets or Charm Necklaces

Valued at $200 each/$20,000

YOUR PRICE: $10,000

Plus BONUS: $2,000+ Interview Package

20% more VALUE!


Full custom merchandise and marketing program

Package Includes:

  Custom Product with Your Unique Charm

Crafted with precision and care, your custom charm becomes a tangible reflection of your journey and tells a story that is distinctly yours. Celebrate the essence of you and your passions with a bespoke custom product designed exclusively for you that you can share with your community as gifts, membership or donor recognition, celebrate milestones, achievements, and more.

  Interview about your organization, your mission, and your charm line.

It’s not just a conversation; it’s a chance to amplify your voice, share your expertise, and inspire others. Our stories shape our identities and fuel our vision. Seize the moment to be heard, to connect, and add your unique perspective!

  Social Media Collateral.

Elevate your promotion with captivating social media collateral. Crafted with precision and creativity, our collateral is designed to not just capture attention but be used as a tool to turn your social media platforms into a hub of connection through graphics, compelling videos, and shareable content.

  E-mail features and dedicated blasts.

Begin captivating an audience the moment they open their inbox. They are more than just emails. They are gateways to meaningful connections and impactful engagement. Promote your business, your product, share updates, or drive a direct call to action – every message is a step toward building a stronger audience.

  Permanent Story of Impact Partnership on our website.

Secure a coveted partnership spot on our website where the spotlight is shining on your brand. Your story takes center stage and creates a compelling narrative that resonates with our community. This strategic collaboration is not just about visibility: it’s about tapping into new audiences and solifying your position as a key player in your industry.

  A chance to be in our upcoming book!

Your story deserves to be immportalized within the covers of our upcoming book. By being featured, you’re not just a character, you’re a beacon of wisdom, exerpeicne, and resilience. Your unique journey, insights, and triumphs with resonate with readers and offer a powerful source of motivation and connection. Your story matters and is an essential part to our tapestry of diverse narratives captivating, uplifting, and inspiring readers.

now it’s your turn

Ready to amplify your impact?


Apply for the program


We facilitate a meeting to determine if we are fit for each other

Program is initiated

Note: takes 8 weeks to complete

Products are assembled and crafted by our charity partners.

Funding is due before the program begins.

3 Ways to fund your program

Fund Your Program

Engage a Sponsor

Be a Sponsor for an organization

Boosting Your Story + Impact

Throughout the year we will include your story in other PR materials. 

See what Gloria Feldt from Take the Lead says about the power that charms have on her organization. 

Celebrating 20 years

Product Details

Retail Value of $20,000

  • All customization is included – charm models, packaging, etc
  • Choice of product to fit your audience – Gold, sterling or pewter
  • Quantites will be determined by the market price of the item

You own the completed products and they can be used as you please. They are perfect for gifts, recognition, levels of achievemement, memberships and more!

Experience the fusion of beauty and awareness as our platform transforms your logo or concept into a captivating charm. Elevate your brand with a beautiful emblem that not only reflects your identity but embodies a sense of aesthetic charm and mindfulness.

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