Do you only create charms for charities?

No. We create charms for any organizations including schools, foundations, businesses, and more! 

I only want 1 charm, how can I get one?

We do not sell retail. If you see a charm for your favorite charity, you will need to contact them for further information.

How do you ship my order?

Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground. If you’re in a hurry, we’re always happy to ship overnight or 2-day service. You may also use your own UPS or FedEx Ground account if you would like. 

Is there a shipping and handling charge?

Yes. Price is adjusted based on the weight and location being shipped to.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes! We ship all around the world.

What is the payment process?

Since every order is custom, we require 100% payment at the time of order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, We also accept PayPal or company check.

What is your return policy?

Since all work is custom made, we do not issue refunds. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace all damaged goods.


How long does it take to make the custom charms or charm bracelets?

It typically takes 6-8 weeks from artwork approval to ship your order. Rush orders are possible when requested.

What are GivingBand bracelets made from?

GivingBands are made of Earth-friendly silicone with metal charms made from 100% recycled pewter. 

What are Bangle Dangles made from?

Bangle Dangles are 100% steel and adjustable. The charms are made from 100% recycled pewter. The GoldTone is gold plate (18ml) on the bracelets and brass on the charms. 

Will I see proof of my custom product before it is made?

Yes. We will show you 3D artwork of your charm and/or custom carding for your approval before we begin manufacturing.

Can we do a custom shaped bead?

Absolutely! Be creative, we can do almost anything!

Is there a minimum for custom products?

The minimum order ranges from 100 to 500 pieces depending on the item. The price goes down when quantity goes up.

Is there a set up fee?

Yes. It varies by project and complexity. 

How can I get pricing?

You can request pricing by clicking HERE

Does the cost include the logo charm and branding bead with each bracelet? Are both charms customized?

Our cost includes the price of a charm and branding bead. There is a one time set up fee for the custom mold. You may choose non-custom items from our symbol line and there is no additional fee. Both GivingBands and Bangle Dangles have a generic bead that will be included if a custom option is not selected.

Do branding beads and logo charms include engraving?

We do not engrave. The letters are created within the mold and all charms are double sided with words or logos on both sides. This is included in the custom set up fee. 

Can we mix and match custom items and symbol charm items?

Yes. For example, if you may order 100 custom GivingBands and then order an additional 50 symbol charm GivingBands. As long as you meet the minimum you can add any additional quantities or styles you desire. 

Are the order quantities only done in the amounts on the pricing sheet?

The quantities listed in our pricing sheet show quantity price breaks. As long as you meet the minimum, you may order any amount you require or would like. 

Can we set up an online store from your site as well?

The stores on our site are completely managed by the charity themselves, we simply provide a link to their site. If you put your Charity Charms products up on your site we are happy to feature your link in our Giving Store.

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