The Power of Charms: Our Story Package

Impacting the world through The Power of Charms

Step into the extraordinary realm of The Power of Charms, an impactful recognition program that sets the stage for collaboration between leaders in business and champions of philanthropy.

At the heart of this program are captivating interviews with the industry’s most influential leaders. These luminaries, visionaires, and trailblazers will share their journeys revealing the transformative power of their impact on the world. Prepare to be immersed in a world of wisdom, innovation, and compassion.

The Power of Charms is a marketing campaign that utilizes a symphony of cutting-edge strategies to captivate audiences. We harness the boundless potential of multimedia, social media, and print to illuminate and amplyify these impact stories across the globe.

A Tailor-Made Marketing Campaign

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and leave a lasting impression on the world? Embrace the power of our groundbreaking marketing campaign, tailor-made to promte YOU!

With a carefully crafted blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic prowess, we’ll unleash your unique story, captivate audiences, and elevate your brand to influential hights. Get ready to shine like never before and make an impact that resonates far beyond expectations!

$1,995 Our Story Package Includes:

  • Interview via ZOOM with Kay
  • Podcast Interview: Audio & Video
  • Blog and Social Media Feature
  • Digital Content for Sharing

All of these venues are created for you to also repost & share throughout your network for maximum impact.

Options Available:

  • Included in the Sterling Silver LOGO Charm Package
  • Interviewees are eligible to be featured in our book
  • Extra digital content – additional fee

Why Choose The Power of Charms?

Targeted Audience Reach

The Power of Charms boasts a dedicated and engaged audience specifically interested in philanthropy, making a difference, and personal development. By appearing on podcast, you gain access to a highly targeted demograhic that aligns with your expertise. This focused approach ensures your message resonates with those who are likely to benefit from and appreciate your insights, stories, and passions.

Thought Leadership and Credibility

Being a part of The Power of Charms podcast can significantly enhance your personal brand and credibility within your field. Podcasts have become a widely recognized medium for thought leadership and expertise sharing. You’ll be contributing valuable insights and sharing stories that will boost your position in the field and expose you to opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Networking and Relationship Building

The Power of Charms Podcast provides a unique platform for networking and relationship building. As a guest you’ll have a chance to connect with other industry experts and fellow guests. These connections can lead to collaboration and other mutually beneficial relationships. The online presence and social media channels provide a way for you to connect with listeners who are interested in your cause potentially expanding your supporter base and objectives.

“It was a charming experience to spend time with Kay McDonald on Power of Charms. As a leader in the nonprofit sector, Kay has been at the table of so many powerful and important decisions. I found her insights spot on and her wisdom enlightening. She has the ability to draw out the best in her guests and bring excitement to her audience at the same time.”

Julia Patrick

Founder & CEO, American Nonprofit Academy

“I really enjoyed chatting with Kay. We could have talked for hours. Thanks for having me on your podcast. BRAVO!”

Elaine Birks-Mitchell

CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer, The Bra Recyclers

“I had the pleasure of being a guest on Kay McDonald’s Charity Charms Power of Charms Interview Series, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to those looking to share their passion and expertise. Power of Charms provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where guests can openly discuss their journeys & insights, and share their thoughts on a symbol that defines them.The well-prepared questions and the genuine interest Kay shows in her guests’ stories creates a dynamic and engaging conversation. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and make a real impact!”

Debbie Howard

Founder & Author, Aging Matters International

Hall of Fame Examples

Meet Kay

Meet Kay, the visionary behind The Power of Charms and founder of Charity Charms. Her initiative connects women in business and philanthropy while creating custom symbols of hope through unique charms. Kay’s innovative approach merges purpose and profit, reshaping cause marketing by using each charm as a conduit for storytelling and change. These charms not only unite communities in support of causes but also exemplify how one person’s vision can drive global impact. Kay’s journey is a testament to the transformative potential of combining business acumen with a passion for philanthropy.

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