Take The Lead Honors Graduates with Embracelets

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Gloria Feldt is a woman with a mission and the founder of Take The Lead. Take The Lead believes that power is an infinite resource all women possess. In fact, they believe, like many, the more women in power the better! Take The Lead offers a special program to women in the nonprofit sector. 50 Women Can Change the World Nonprofit joins influential women from diverse backgrounds to build a community. This community, in turn, will help change the world by harnessing the power of women. In order to celebrate the exceptional women who, complete this Take The Lead course, they wanted a special memento: sterling silver Embracelets. 

Our founder, Kay McDonald, had the pleasure of working with Gloria personally on this very special bracelet to commemorate graduates of her program and remind them of the power and the parity the program provides. According to Gloria, “They love their bracelets!” Charity Charms is honored to work on this project. 

take the lead sterling silver embracelets program


About Take The Lead’s Sterling Silver Embracelets

For their program graduation, Take The Lead wanted a special gift to provide the women. This bracelet would serve as a reminder of the power they have to be great leaders in the nonprofit world. They selected sterling silver Embracelets, from Charity Charms as the perfect fit. They are timeless, stylish, and can feature one or many charms. 


take the lead sterling silver embracelets with box

We turned Take The Lead’s unique logo into a sterling silver charm. The front features the logo itself while the back says Take The Lead. Additionally, each bracelet features a signature branding bead with two important words. The first is POWER to remind women of the essential lessons of Take The Lead. The second is INTENTION because, in all that we do, it is important to do it with intention. Each sterling silver Embracelet came packaged in a chic white mini hat box tied with black ribbon. Inside was a message from founder Gloria Feldt and the Take The Lead team inspiring the women to go forth and harness their power. 

As a definitive touch Gloria’s team created a special message to be inserted in the top of the lid that said: 

sterling silver embracelets hat box


About Take The Lead


Did you know American Women fall substantially lower than males when it comes to leadership positions? This is due to a variety of societal factors, but the divide is getting smaller over time. One reason is women’s leadership programs like Take The Lead. While there are many women’s leadership organizations, Take The Lead sets themselves apart from the rest. Take the Lead prides itself on being comprehensive and transforming women’s relationships with power and that allows for higher levels of intention. The program is collaborative, and above all, teaches women how to manage the world as it is today while changing it. This is crucial because having the tools to handle the current environment is necessary in order to create a  better, more equitable, future. 

75% of nonprofit staffing is made up of women. Yet, men hold many of the leadership positions. Women bring value to nonprofits by way of achieving goals and realizing their mission. Employees of nonprofits are also happier and more productive under women leaders. Every nonprofit could benefit from the leadership of women! So, we want to congratulate the most recent 50 Women Can Change the World graduates and wish them future success! 

Gloria Feldt on the Power of Charms Podcast

Gloria Feldt was kind enough to join us for our Podcast and Video Series, The Power of Charms. Kay chats with Gloria Feldt about the breakthrough training, mentoring, coaching and the immediately actionable 9 Leadership Power Tools available through Take The Lead Women. They also chat about Gloria’s commitment to helping women define their power and thrive in the world as it is, while working to change the world around them.

View their conversation below or listen to it here.

Commemorate your next event, congratulate graduates, or thank special members of your organization with sterling silver Embracelets

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