March is Developmental Disabilities Month. This is a targeted month to raise awareness about those with disabilities and the difficulties they may face. There are many organizations across the world that spend each and every day helping people with disabilities live rich, meaningful lives. 

Canine Companions for Independence is one of these organizations. Founded in 1975, they were the first and largest provider of highly trained assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Assistance dogs not only improve the quality of life but provide valuable services to their owners. Canine Companion assistance dogs are thoroughly trained in over 40 tasks. These tasks enhance independence by pulling wheelchairs and retrieving dropped items. They also alert their owners to sounds in the environment and help them avoid dangerous situations. Since 1975, they have placed more than 6,000 assistance dogs with loving owners free of charge. In addition, they provide ongoing follow up assistance to make the most out of the relationship between dog and owner. 

Canine Companions for Independence: Give a Dog a Job

canine companions collar charms

We had the pleasure of creating dog collar charms for Canine Companions for Independence. Their campaign to “Give a Dog a Job” brings awareness to their program and these charms help provide assistance dogs to owners. The collar charms feature their dog logo charm and can easily be attached to any dog collar with the large lobster clasp. The collar charms are a unique way to brand their cause and keep Canine Companions top of mind for their supporters. This March support those with developmental disabilities by Giving a Dog a Job and supporting Canine Companions for Independence. 

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People with developmental disabilities are incredible members of the community. They are amazing workers, volunteers, and bring extra smiles to anyone around them. Developmental Disabilities Month is a time to reflect on the progress made in improving quality of life, and to educate the community about the needs individuals with disabilities have. 

See how to create collar charms for YOUR organization

canine companions collar charms

The signature lobster clasp makes it easy to attach them to purses, zipper pulls, and more. It elevates your branding and serves as a tool that can be used daily. This means the important work you do and your brand stay on the mind of your supporters. Plus, they also serve as conversation starters. People are more likely to support causes that are nearest and dearest to their family and friends. 

Is your organization looking for a meaningful way to brand your cause? 

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