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Pinterest recently alerted our Charma Power bracelets is one of our Top Pins. This is no surprise as gemstone bracelets are very popular right now, and ours hold special meaning. Our Charma Power bracelets combine the healing power of stones + the power of charms creating a powerful combination. Charma Power semi-precious stone bracelets are made from semiprecious stones and we can create a custom combination to reflect the colors and values your brand represents. For example, if your cause is Ovarian Cancer, we could create a bracelet of teal semi-precious stones with a custom charm designed from your logo or symbol. What if you could harness this trendy piece of jewelry to increase brand or cause awareness? 

Charma Power bracelets are symbolic and impactful. This is because they feature your logo turned into a pewter charm. Turning your logo into a charm takes branding to new heights. You’re giving your supporters, volunteers, customers, or employees a thoughtful item that reminds them of the important work you do. Charma Power semi-precious stone bracelets are a meaningful memento that keeps you in the mind of whoever receives one of your bracelets. 

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Creating Your Charma Power Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets

Charma Power bracelets embrace the power of semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones have different healing properties that promote recovery and heal the human spirit. They even have the power to promote good health, prosperity, and success. You can choose based on properties or simply by color. Learn about all the different stone properties here.

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We have a large selection of semiprecious stones to create the perfect Charma Power bracelet for your organization. Whether you use them to brand your campaign, unify your community, or raise money through sales, Charma Power semi-precious stone bracelets are an item your supporters will want to receive and wear for years to come. Don’t choose typical branded products that get tossed into a drawer, Charma Power bracelets bring your logo to live and create value for your organization. 

Once you have designed your Charma Power bracelets, we recommend impactful packaging with a custom 3×4 message card and organza bag. A beautiful presentation that tells your story. 

Learn more about Charma Power Bracelets

We have helped organizations of all types harness the power of charms and stone with Charma Power bracelets. Each used their bracelets in a special, unique way. See some of their stories below. 

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Are you ready to embrace this trend and harness the power of charms and the power of gemstones?

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