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Charma Power bracelets combine the power of stones, the power of charms, and the power of color to create symbolic and impactful bracelets for your supporters. Charma Power bracelets are great for online stores, donor gifts, walks, runs, and fundraisers of all kinds. They are incredibly popular gift shop items that allow your visitors to remember you long after they leave! Charma Power bracelets are completely customized for your organization. Your supporters will cherish the meaningful memento of symbolic charms and powerful stones.

Only the Best

Your supporters LOVE to spread the word about your cause by wearing YOUR Charma Power Bracelets and telling YOUR story. Charma Power Bracelets make them feel like a recognized and special member of your community.


The healing power of gemstones has been used to promote recovery from addictions, heal the human spirit, promote good health, abundance, prosperity, and success. Click on one of our gemstone offerings to learn more about their unique capabilities.

CHARMS created from your logo or choose one of our 75+ symbol charms.



phoenix zoo gemstone charm bracelets

embrace the power of charms


Use Charma Power To: 

  • Engage your community
  • Thank your supporters, members, and volunteers
  • Commemorate good work and achievement
  • Support your mission
  • Honor the gift of time and support
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Recognize important contributions
  • Send a message to find a cure, stop abuse, save an animal

The KNOW Tribe

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The Phoenix Zoo

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Best Friends Animal Society Stone Bracelets

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