The “Charm” of Animals at the Phoenix Zoo

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The Phoenix Zoo has welcomed over 43 million guests since opening in November of 1962. The zoo prides itself on being an essential figure in the community. It was the community, after all, that led the charge to build the zoo. 50+ years later, The Phoenix Zoo continues to create enjoyable experiences for guests and conserve wildlife. Charity Charms has built an amazing relationship with the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary to bring wonderful offerings to their online and physical gift shops.

The Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary and Charity Charms

It all began in 2007 when the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary was looking for an innovative fundraising vehicle. They discovered Charity Charms and delightfully had their Auxiliary logo, a zebra, made into lovely sterling silver charms. Auxiliary members wear the charm to signify their commitment to the zoo. In addition, the charm became an impactful way for them to raise funds for the zoo. They sold them at the many events the zoo holds throughout the year and the onsite gift shop.

phoenix zoo custom animal charms

Fast forward to 2018, the love affair with the Phoenix Zoo and Charity Charms continues. To date, we created seven custom animal charms tying in with the feature animals at the zoo. These animals include a zebra, orangutan, giraffe, oryx, elephant, tiger, and rhinoceros. The Auxiliary has embraced every new bracelet item that Charity Charms has presented. They have utilized their charms by adding them to our popular items. Everything from sterling silver bracelets and jewelry to GivingBands and Bangle Dangles. Their latest addition to the line is Charma Power bracelets which they renamed “Jungle Beads” in order to create their own brand.

custom animal charms zebra charma power

Jungle Beads was one of the most creative and inspiring programs we have done with them. Each bracelet is handcrafted from semiprecious stones in colors that match the animal in the charm. For example, the zebra bracelet is black and white meanwhile the tiger is orange and black. The most recent charm, launched in 2017, was “Lou Lou” the Rhinoceros.

phoenix zoo custom animal charms rhino

This venture has truly been a proven success for the zoo! The sale of custom charm bracelets in many styles keeps their assortment fresh and supporters coming back for more. “What’s NEW for the Zoo,” is a common question the Auxiliary gets when selling at events. Plus the introduction of new styles always creates a buzz.

phoenix zoo custom animal charms givingbands phoenix zoo custom animal charms bracelet

Creating Phoenix Zoo Animal Charms

When the Zoo decides to do a new animal charm they provide Charity Charms with artwork (like the Oryx below) or a photograph. Then we create a rendering of the front and back of the harm for their approval. Charity Charms prides itself on working with the Zoo to make sure all the items are in line with their branding and mission. This includes making sure the designs and the colors are perfect.

phoenix zoo custom animal charms oryx

“We are so blessed to have worked with the Phoenix Zoo for so many years on such a successful program, and we look forward to their launch of each new animal they choose as their next charm!” – Kay McDonald, CEO, Charity Charms

About the Phoenix Zoo

In 1962, Robert Maytag, with the help of many, set out to build a zoo. The entire community got behind this mission. In fact, everything from buses to shopping cards and even vacant buildings became plastered with the message to “Build a Zoo in ’62!” Quite the catchy and effective slogan! In 1963, the zoo was renamed the Phoenix Zoo to encourage involvement from the community. This has continued to be an important mission for the zoo. Recently a call went out to the community to name their brand new adorable baby giraffe!

The Phoenix Zoo has a mission to inspire people and provide them with enjoyable experiences. In short, these experiences, in particular, motivate visitors to care for nature. After all, The Phoenix Zoo serves to conserve animals in their natural habitats.

How Can You Help?

The Phoenix Zoo runs on the donations of supporters. They have an online wishlist where supporters can purchase goods for the animals and guests. Of course, there is an online store, in addition to their on-site gift shop. A portion of sales from items in these stores supports the care of animals. Additionally, the funds help save animals and their habitats at large. To learn more, click here.

Zoos are a place of enjoyment and education for children of all ages not to mention adults. It nurtures a child’s sense of wonder and allows them to experience the world in new ways. We love animals and we loved working with the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary on this collection of animal-themed jewelry! We hope the animal charms continue to go a long way in helping our animal friends.

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Are you looking for a fun, special way to brand your animal charity or organization or raise funds?

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