Logo Charms set you apart from the crowd. They engage your community and offer a different take on branding. Rather than using the usual branded promotional products, Logo Charms can be added to a variety of jewelry and accessories your recipients will actually want to use. 

Custom Logo Charms are the 100% unique Charity Charms option. We turn your organization’s logo into a stunning charm made of recycled pewter or sterling silver. Your beautiful charm is then affixed to jewelry, key rings, and more. 

amanda hope custom logo charms

We work with you to determine the best shape and design to bring your image to life. Tie in your brand’s colors and messaging with custom packaging. The possibilities are endless! Every item we make is customized to suit your individual needs making them exclusive to your organization. As a result your cause, campaign, and culture stays in the minds of people who care about your hard work.

We make sure everything is perfect right down to the presentation. Charity Charms products have a 100% quality guarantee and our prices are fairly based on volume. You control everything right down to the colors and packaging. Our team helps you craft a charming campaign to achieve your goals and you keep 100% of the profits!

NOTE: $500 set up fee required for new customers

Here’s how it works.

Your Source for the Best Custom Charms

Custom charms are as unique as the companies, nonprofits, schools, charities, organizations, and people who have them made. They are so versatile and can be used for so many applications throughout your organization.

Use custom charms to: 

  • Build your brand
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Donor and supporter thank you gifts
  • Employee recognition
  • Client gifts

A Design In Any Size

When you begin to design you'll want to consider the size and intended use of your creation. Should it be small and delicate or really pop and make a statement? Being thoughtful of your size is important. You'll also want to consider the budget and quantity for your project. Our staff will help you determine the best shape for your design your budget, and your intended project. The best part about working with Charity Charms on custom charms is once your mold is created you can return time and time again for new sizes, shapes, and fully branded products!

Logo Charm Styles

We know your logo is unique and special. Logo charms come in a variety of shapes to fit your logo. When it comes to crafting logo charms, we make a mold directly from your logo. There is no cutting corners or fitting your logo into a cookie cutter solution. Below are details and images of the various shapes and sizes of Logo Charms. 

Click the images below to view shape examples!

Charm Shapes: Round

Charm Shapes: Unique

Charm Shapes: Square

Charm Shapes: Hearts

Charm Shapes: Rectangle Vertical

Charm Shapes: Rectangle Horizontal

Charm Shapes: Oval Vertical

Charm Shapes: Oval Horizontal

Now that you’ve seen all of the ways your logo would make a beautiful charm, view the products to feature your charm on! 


Ready to get started? Request a quote to find out more!

  • Select the size of charm you want to create
  • Choose the metal of your charm
  • Decide on the right shape for you
  • Pricing will depend on the quantity you order and any add-ons

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