Fundraising Bracelets: Promoting Conservation with Liberty Wildlife

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Wildlife Conservation is Essential


Wildlife conservation has never been more important. The most compelling evidence is between 1970 and 2012, many species of animals have declined by 58%. In fact, humans are the leading cause of animal extinction. As we continue to develop land and use modern amenities we are increasing the chance of encountering wildlife in our neighborhoods. Wildlife is a precious natural resource and as a result is in need of conservation. With this in mind, Liberty Wildlife wanted to spread their message and gain support for their cause using fundraising bracelets.

Liberty Wildlife is a nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife conservation. It is run by volunteers who work to educate as well as rehabilitate our desert ecosystem. Specifically, they provide services to the community. These services, for example, range from handling emergencies to taking care of injured animals. Liberty Wildlife began in January of 1981 by Dr. Katherine Orr a veterinarian specializing in wildlife. Consequently, it grew from taking in 85 animals a year with 3 volunteers to presently caring for over 5,000 animals a year.

Liberty Wildlife is dedicated to solving conflicts between humans and wildlife. They conduct research and provide special services such as monitoring wildlife. Moreover, highly trained volunteers teach the public about the history of the animals plus how they came to the wildlife conservatory. One of Liberty Wildlife’s biggest missions is the rehabilitation of native Arizonian species.

Fundraising Bracelets Spread A Passion for Wildlife Conservation


Liberty Wildlife recently opened a gorgeous new facility which includes a gift shop. They contacted Charity Charms looking for a unique item to sell in the shop, at events, and to feature in their 1st annual Unique Boutique. We created five stackable stone fundraising bracelets each featuring a different charm inspired by wildlife. The charms included a Liberty Wildlife logo, an owl, a bird print, a wing. Each charm affixes to one of our Charma Power Stone bracelets.

We chose colors to represent the wild birds at the sanctuary. Each bracelet comes in a burlap bag with custom descriptive tags. Our Charma Power Stone bracelets are symbolic and have a huge impact. Each custom bracelet becomes a lasting gift for your supporters. Together we created beautiful fundraising bracelets to positively spread their message.

fundraising bracelets liberty wildlife

Wildlife Conservation is Important to Our Fragile Ecosystems

Each year Liberty Wildlife cares for 5,000-6,000 animals releasing over 50% of them back into the wild. In fact, this is above the national norm! They use education to give attention to conservation and sustainability. This increases kindness towards animals among children. After all, children are the future so, for this reason, they must know how important animals are to our ecosystem. Furthermore, spreading Liberty Wildlife’s message helps protect many species. As a result, this ensures the survival of our ecosystem. Ultimately, it is key these animals continue to create diversity in the desert.

Liberty Wildlife aims to be a community fixture. In short, they work to inspire people to participate in the safekeeping of the natural world around them. Help spread Liberty Wildlife’s message of kindness for animals. Make a donation, volunteer, or donate items on their wish list. With this in mind, we must work together to protect our living planet. We have to save it while we still have time.

Share your mission with others in a powerful way with custom Charity Charms fundraising bracelets.

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