Memorable Membership Incentives with Purpose: CADCA

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Creating Meaningful Membership Incentives

Membership incentives can increase support for your cause by rewarding dedicated supporters. With this in mind, CADCA came to Charity Charms wanting to design a bracelet that would define their brand plus thank members when they signed up in support of the organization. It was used at their annual conference and later as an online tool to engage new members. After all, the strongest supporters of CADCA are these members. They attend training and advocate for prevention on Capitol Hill. This is important. Particularly because membership funds go to training, scholarships, and outreach programs for youths.

For their bracelet, we used a unisex black lava stretch bracelet with a reversible pewter charm. Furthermore, the final product arrives in a red, satin bag. We used our Charma Power bracelet to provide maximum impact through the power of color. The bracelet can be customized for a cause or on the power of the stone chosen. Charma Power stones heal the spirit and promote good health among other things. It was the only choice for a membership incentive for those helping to build safe, healthy drug-free communities.


Anti-Drug Community Coalitions Aim to Reduce Substance Abuse

Substance abuse prevention specifically has positive effects on families and communities. CADCA works to reduce abuse by starting anti-drug community coalitions. These coalitions contain diverse individuals working together to build a drug-free community. As a result, they influence healthy decisions by concentrating on risk factors in the community. Beyond this, an anti-drug alliance works to implement ideas. For example, not placing tobacco or alcohol billboards near schools, limiting access to substances, and raising prices.

CADCA offers aide and resources to communities affected by the use of illicit drugs. They have developed 200 coalitions in 23 countries. There are even 5,000 in the United States. In other words, they lead the charge in abuse prevention. It’s no surprise they would want to use membership incentives to reward their supporters. It is important to realize the effects of substance abuse impact everyone. Unfortunately, the population of addicts is rising and the age of abusers is getting younger.

Stop Abuse Before It Starts

It is important to realize prevention is critical. It begins with protecting the mental and physical health of people around the world. Notably the health of children, teens, and young adults. Surprisingly, young people today have greater access to substances. They creep up on people and can be destructive. This is why community efforts, like those formed by CADCA, are key.

The alliances formed by CADCA begin from the ground up. They look for a useful strategy to address problems. At the same time, these groups increase civic engagement. They unite influential people and grassroots supporters to make the world a better place. After all substance abuse isn’t a problem that discriminates and society can’t just look away.

Looking to help CADCA? Become a member, start or join a coalition, or simply donate to help them grow.

Bring awareness to your organization, school, or business through the power of membership incentives with Charity Charms!

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