Meet Carol Cone: The Queen of Purpose

by Jun 14, 2021Podcast

Carol Cone is a pioneer of purpose-driven strategies. She has spent years taking on the business world by finding the purpose behind marketing and the elements that get consumers and employees behind the companies they support. Now at a time when our world is facing many social problems, it’s time for all of us to find our greater purpose to solve these challenges. Carol is such an inspiration and has done amazing things within the business world bringing many of our favorite movements to the forefront. 

Kay recently spoke with Carol about her long career in purpose-driven marketing, how companies can successfully leverage their purpose, her advice for nonprofits and businesses alike, and a dream project of hers! 

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Carol’s Power Symbol: The Horse


carol cone charm horse

One of our favorite parts of The Power of Charms is finding out what meaningful symbols our guests have in their lives. Carol loves horses and is an incredibly athletic horse jumper. She has an innate ability to know the ins and outs of the perfect horse jump. The main symbolism of the Horse is courage and freedom. These majestic animals are powerful, independent, confident, and stand for heroism, triumph, and nobleness. 

sterling silver horse charm


About Carol Cone

Carol Cone is internationally recognized for her work in purpose, CSR, and corporate citizenship. For more than 35 years, she has embraced a steadfast commitment to leading the purpose movement executing over 200 purpose programs involving everything from cause branding to nonprofit positioning and stakeholder engagement. She has conducted over 30 research studies to educate and inspire professionals to embrace a purpose-driven business approach. Carol also hosts the Purpose 360 podcast and wrote the book Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding. She is a sought-after speaker and media expert and, through her illustrious career, has worked with the likes of Adobe, Aflac, Girl Scouts of America, Reebok, and more.

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