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This article was originally posted in July of 2020 and updated on July 6, 2021

Today a sense of community is more important than ever. As we all practice social distancing and spending more time isolating, it can feel a little lonely. Thankfully, we live in a world that is hyperconnected by technology. Happy hours, fitness classes, classrooms, and more are all available to us at our fingertips. This is keeping us close to those we love and care about when everything feels a little uncertain. Today we want to highlight a community that is doing an amazing job helping its members through the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Know WOMEN?

The KNOW Women, formerly the KNOW Tribe, is a community of dynamic women who are doing awesome things for women within their cities. The tribe exists to bring attention to these women and their unique attributes they bring to the world. In order to be a member, a woman has to be making big strides within the community and her industry. What began as a Phoenix, Arizona based book has now grown into a multi-city group filled with extraordinary women of all types. Currently, The KNOW Women is in 20 cities across the United States and Canada with 11 more cities launched in late 2020. Through mix and mingle events, women have started building valuable business relationships, friendships, support networks, and collaborate on projects together. The overreaching goal of the KNOW Women is to bring together women aligned with their mission to uplift and support other women rather than compete.

KNOW tribe gemstone charm bracelets

The KNOW Women’s founder, Sarah Benken, saw an opportunity to bring the KNOW’s sense of community to a virtual space and allow members to engage like never before. She has opened the group to every woman in order to rally support around female business owners. This gives female business owners a chance to ask questions, get support, and lean on other women who understand just what they are going through right now. In addition to opening the group, the KNOW Tribe rebranded as the Know Women to align with their all inclusive ideals and making a point to publicize special offers from all business owners on every one of their platforms in an effort to support small, local businesses across the country. One of the coolest things the KNOW Women is doing right now is offering tons of online content for their members and females at large. There are Masterclasses with tips and tricks for nearly everything lead by members of the KNOW community. They even created a fun Instagram follow game where women from across the country engage with each other and grow their following. It gives a chance for others to get to know amazing women within their community and build a following that can help their business survive the turmoil it’s under right now.

Kay’s KNOW Women page

Charity Charms founder, Kay McDonald, is a 1st edition member of the KNOW Women. In fact, every woman receives a custom rose quartz Charity Charms stone bracelet with a KNOW Women logo charm and the year they were included on the back. The bracelet was created with balance, focus, and purpose in mind.

Read about the bracelet here.

The Power of Charms Podcast: Crafting a Movement and Making It Happen

We are honored to have Sarah on our Power of Charms podcast. During her conversation with Kay, Sarah shares ways for women to successfully pivot during the pandemic and how to remain connected within a supportive, encouraging community. She also shares her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity through positive, honest, relevant conversations with women business leaders.

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Power Charm: The High Heel

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When it comes to getting to know the inspiring women interviewed on the Power of Charms, we love asking about the symbols that define their passions, careers, and other milestones. Sarah’s defining symbol is the High Heel because she is passionate about supporting women. To her, it represents the thousands of dynamic women the KNOW Women has helped quickly find their community and build a sisterhood with. Symbolically, the High Heel has a long history with both men and women. Though models and stars like Marilyn Monroe, the high heel became a closet staple and integral part of a wardrobe. It is believed to stand for height, power, and authority for the wearer.

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About Sarah Benken

Sarah Benken is the founder and CEO of The KNOW Women. She is an accomplished CEO of 12 years who has built and scaled her own brands internationally. She is an award-winning entrepreneur who knows firsthand what it is like to feel the need to connect with “her” people and have trouble finding them. As a result, she founded the KNOW Women in 2017 as a carefully curated book. What began as a Phoenix book has now spread to 15 other markets and spawned 25 KNOW books.

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