The Power of Productivity and GSD with Julie Jones

by Aug 6, 2021Podcast

What does it mean to live authentically? A person living their most authentic life exists in the moment striving to understand themselves while being aware of their responsibilities and choices. In life, there are people you meet that just light up the room with their energy and passion for life. Julie Jones is one of those people. Her passion for living in the now and helping people in whatever way possible is admirable. From a career in law enforcement to being a renowned guest speaker and coach, Julie has the life experiences to help and inspire others. Julie understands when you live authentically you gain a higher sense of self-worth and how these powerful tools have an impact on our professional and personal lives. Her beliefs about the importance of productivity and the concept of GSD (Get Shit Done) are insightful. We knew she would make the perfect guest for The Power of Charms. 

Join Kay and Julie as they discuss The Adventures of Julie Jones, her 3 hacks for being more productive instead of busy, and her upcoming book, “Stop Waiting, Start Living!”

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Julie’s Power Charm: The Skull

julie jones power charm

We love finding out the symbols that mean the most to our guests on The Power of Charms. Julie Jones is an incredibly authentic and inspiring woman and it’s no surprise that her Power Charm is as unique as she is. Julie’s favorite holiday is Halloween and once moving to Arizona was drawn to the colorful, meaningful Dia De Los Muertos skulls. To many, skulls are associated with death and mortality, when really they symbolize wisdom, courage, and even rebirth. To Julie, they have served as symbols of her growth, change, and discovering who she is over the years. 

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About Julie Jones

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Julie Jones has been speaking and coaching for 15 years. She is a world traveler, Executive Board member for the nonprofit OCJ Kids, master networker, and connector of people. She has been a keynote speaker for the Spirit, Mind, Body Conference and is a Herstory Recipient for Arizona Global Women’s Peace Network. She has also been Co-Facilitator for the Women’s Sanctuary Event. Julie has a heart for loving and serving people. She has been married for 8 years and is a fur mom of 3 rescue pups and a rescue cat along with a rescue tortoise. Julie will publish her upcoming book this November.  

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