Defining Your Design Style with Barbara Kaplan

by Aug 11, 2021Podcast

You may have heard the saying “home is where the heart is.” Over the past year, we have spent much more time inside our own spaces. As humans, we are always within an environment, but there are only so many we can control. Barbara Kaplan is an incredible interior decorator who has developed a special method and philosophy for creating spaces that not only bring joy, but reflect the person’s taste, style, and personality. The Bajaro Method encourages and assists individuals with making the right decisions involving their mind, heart, and spirit. It manages the “inner design” because, according to Barbara, when designing a room is a blank canvas. In order to redesign you must look at the interior of the person first and then the room. 

The Bajaro Method is based on principles that work with design as well as life. Over the past year, many of us have gone through significant changes. When we understand who are we are able to accept what we need and allow it to happen as it happens by being more open to change. This is critical when designing a space because they aren’t just spaces. They are the places that reflect who you are, what you love, and what you bring to the world. Barbara surrounds herself with objects and pieces that make her happy and she wants to pass that same happy feeling onto others with things they enjoy. She does this through consultations, her online design test, and Barbara’s picks – a website with vetted vendors Barbara recommends. With so many amazing thoughts on designing a purposeful life and space, we knew Barbara would be a great guest on the Power of Charms!

Join Kay and Barbara as they discuss The Bajaro Method, her tips for developing healing spaces, Barbara’s picks, defining your personal style, and more! 

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Barbara’s Power Charm: The House with Heart

barbara kaplan heart charm

It comes as no surprise Barbara’s Power Charm is the house – but not just any house a house with a heart. Barbara gives these charms out to clients and at every consultation that she gives. The house reminds her of a Martha Stewart quote, “I can teach you how to decorate your home, but only you can put your heart in your home.” Spiritually, the home is considered the place where you feel you belong. It represents everything from who you are to what you love. 

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About Barbara Kaplan

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Barbara Kaplan, the founder of Design Dimensions and Barbara’s Picks, is an accomplished interior designer who understands the power of interior design. She designs for the person living in the space so they can fully express themselves. Her design philosophy involves helping clients live in their personal spaces for health, happiness, beauty, and well-being. She believes that when creating environments, the person or family must be considered first and the structure or room second. She has developed the Bajaro Method and the online Color and Design profile to help individuals define their style through personal preferences. Barbara has helped thousands of people make positive changes to their environment that bring out the person’s personality and potential. She always wants you to remember, “Rooms have no feelings, YOU do!” 

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