Shelley Nelson & A Key Strategy for Thanking Donors

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All too often we don’t realize the struggles our neighbors are facing in their daily lives. We put so much focus and effort into our own lives, that we fail to realize others may need a lifeline. Currently, 1 in 7 Arizonans struggle with food insecurity, and 30% of our neighbors live on a paycheck that barely covers the essentials of daily life. Thankfully there are organizations within our community and across the world that are providing critical assistance to those in need. Paz de Cristo is one of those organizations and they recently launched a recurring giving program with a special thank you gift. 

We first encountered Shelley Nelson at a conference years ago but came back into contact with her to create this project for Paz de Cristo. Paz de Cristo launched their Lifeline program as a way for their donors to keep providing an essential lifeline to those in the community who need it most. Many know that Paz de Cristo serves hot meals every night to anyone who needs one even through the pandemic by switching to grab-and-go meals. But what many don’t know, is Paz de Cristo goes beyond meals to provide clothing and even Navigators to help members of the community find new jobs and essential benefits they qualify for. These services not only help our community at the moment but give people a leg up to change their lives. 

Each nonprofit organization has a mission that is life-changing for members of the community, and Shelley Nelson believes that utilizing storytelling helps share stories and impact in order to inspire others. What better way to story tell and inspire others than with a custom thank you gift for being a continued supporter of their organization? Each unisex Charm Fob features a large clasp, a buoy charm, and a Paz de Cristo logo charm. The Fobs are packaged in a blue organza bag with a custom thank you card that shows gratitude for their recurring Lifeline supporters. 

Kay recently spoke with Shelley Nelson on the Power of Charms Podcast about Paz de Cristo, their new recurring donor program, the importance of storytelling for organizations, and her advice for other nonprofits.

Click the video below to view their interview or click here to listen on Spotify.

Power Charm: The Star of David

When we asked Shelley about her defining symbols, three came to mind – the Cross, the Heart, and the Star of David. To Shelley, the Star of David represents the whole line of Christ ad the tribes of Israel. The Star of David is a widely recognized symbol named after King David of ancient Israel. It consists of two interlocking triangles and became a widespread symbol during the late Middle Ages. There are many interpretations of the symbol from the association to the number 7 for the 7 archangels of God, the Hebrew spelling of David, and even the representation of the astrological chart at the time of David’s birth or anointment as king.

About Shelley Nelson and Paz de Cristo


Shelley Nelson brings more than 15 years of professional experience in strategic marketing planning, community involvement, and marketing communications for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Her passion is seeing people experience a brighter future than they may have imagined. She loves creating marketing and communications plans that bring new and established audiences closer to the organization’s mission. She uses the power of storytelling to drive awareness, double donations, move products, and sell-out events. In her free time, Shelley enjoys teaching in her role as Adjunct Faculty, serving as a Children’s Leader in Bible Study Fellowship, decorating, and swimming. 

Paz de Cristo is a place of hope for people struggling with hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Their vision is to empower their guests to reach their full potential by removing barriers to allow for a more self-sufficient future. They aim to help guests achieve self-reliance, pride, and self-respect through improved economic standing, respect for others, and citizenship participation. Paz de Cristo feeds, clothes, and empowers the community through a variety of programs. 

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