Ginger Clayton: Passion in Action. A Mother and Business Owner Making an Impact

by Apr 20, 2021Children, Podcast

When we start to think about forming a business or an organization, we tend to look at something we are knowledgeable and passionate about. The experiences and circumstances of our lives dictate where we go. Ginger Clayton knows a thing or two about blending your business with a cause you are passionate about. Not only has her business been around since 1997 and pivoting through its customer’s needs, but she began a nonprofit organization providing critical services through her own personal experience as a single mom. 

There is no question the pandemic changed many aspects of our lives from our workplaces to our relationships. But one thing we don’t think of typically is the hidden struggles. Did you know since the pandemic began the need for diapers has increased by 40%? Whether we are parents or not, we may not even realize that critical need has been a problem and is now rising. In fact, there is only one diaper bank in Phoenix that focuses on acquiring diapers, but there is more to providing this need than simply sourcing the diapers. Ginger formed her nonprofit, the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona, after realizing there are many who will do everything to not ask for help and by creating the diaper bank she could save organizations time and money to help a greater number of families. As a young single mom, Ginger did everything she could to support herself and her baby, but when there weren’t enough diapers she learned of a place that was willing to give her a hand up. She wanted to ensure families could also get that critical hand up just as she did and she founded the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona with a goal of providing 1 million diapers to families in need. 

Kay recently spoke with Ginger on the Power of Charms podcast about her business Elontec, its reinvention over the years, The Diaper Bank of Central Arizona, and how it is helping solve the challenges faced by single mothers through the pandemic and beyond. 

Watch their conversation below or click here to listen on Spotify.

The Defining Symbol: Baby Footprint


Ginger Clayton is a mother of 5 and has included her whole family in diaper drives so it’s no surprise her defining symbol is the baby footprint. Babies are incredibly special in general but to Ginger, the footprint symbolizes her efforts of providing 1 million diapers to families in need. Symbolically baby footprints refer to everything from protection to a reminder to keep both your feet on the ground. In ancient times to welcome a child home, their feet were stamped onto the wall. This has become a common practice today and allows parents to recall fond memories of their children as they grow.

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About Ginger Clayton


Ginger Clayton is the CEO and President of Elontec, the leading provider of commercial furniture, moving, and technology solutions. Their successful, unique business model has been recognized both locally and nationally receiving countless awards. Ginger has been named one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs and one of the most Influential Women of the Valley. She believes owning her business is a privilege that allows her to help others through community service, mentoring, and services. She founded the Diaper Bank of Central AZ in 2013 with the mission to provide one million diapers to local families in need. 

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