Deborah Bateman & The Importance of Defining Your WHY

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It’s often hard to step outside our comfort zones and find a greater purpose. Luckily many of us have people in our lives that help us do just that, and Deborah Bateman is one of those people. Deborah Bateman is an inspiring woman who believes that helping each other understand our potential, our contributions, and our place in the world is key. She understands that when you know your value and what you bring to the table, you can help others do the same. Her pivotal question, “What’s your differentiator?” helps her coaching clients define their WHY.

With a 50 year career as a banking executive for National Bank of Arizona (She is currently Vice-Chairman) Deborah has demonstrated innate leadership skips that discover people’s talents often before they do. A supreme leader and supporter of young women, Deborah has been pivotal in helping so many young women achieve success in the workplace.

Deborah Bateman believes personal branding is crucial because it lets us speak for ourselves before someone else has the opportunity to. In addition to her banking role, Deborah has evolved into a world-class business coach and has an amazing blog, Risk Blossoming, with her husband Tim as they travel around the USA.

Charity Charms founder Kay McDonald has know Deborah for over 20 years. Together they have worked on many nonprofit and cause marketing projects. Deborah is usually sporting a wrist full of various charm bracelets she has collected over the years!

Chic Bracelets for Women On Their Wisdom Quest

Together they took on a fun project to create custom charm bracelets for the women that go on Deborah’s Wisdom Quest trips. Through her travels, Deborah has been bringing along custom Charity Charms bangles featuring her logo charm and custom carding for each country she is traveling to. These bracelets bond Deborah with those she is helping and serve as a reminder to those she has helped of their ability to be greater than themselves.

deborah bateman wisdom quest bracelets

deborah bateman russia bracelet

Deborah recently spoke with Kay on the Power of Charms Podcast and Video Series about defining your personal brand, embracing what makes you different, and channeling your strengths in order to bring value to everything you do.

Watch their conversation below or click here to listen to the podcast.

About Deborah Bateman

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Deborah Bateman is a passionate woman who believes great leaders nourish and create other great leaders. She is a mentor, coach, and blogger who speaks from the heart in order to help those needing guidance break out of their comfort zones and find a deeper purpose. She has had a long career in banking, but her commitment to the community knows no bounds. Deborah has served as a board member for organizations such as the Phoenix Symphony, Homeward Bound, and the Phoenix American Heart Association. She travels the world and often speaks at conferences, panels, and seminars. Deborah Bateman is also the best-selling co-author of two books, “Succeeding Through Doubt, Fear, and Crisis,” and “Help! I’m Moving Out On My Own.”



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