My In the Limelight Interview with Gloria Feldt

by Jan 17, 2022Podcast

One of the overarching missions of Charity Charms is to unite. Whether it’s uniting communities or the world, charms have the power to bring people together through a common bond. Through my work I have been able to meet incredible women who are doing great things for our world and especially for other women.

I was thrilled when Clarissa Burt asked me to interview my friend Gloria Feldt for her magazine, In the Limelight. Gloria has always been a champion for women and is consistently creating new ways to elevate, inform, and inspire them to be the powerful individuals they know they can be. Both Clarissa and Gloria have been amazing guests on The Power of Charms – a series that is meant to share stories, motivate, and educate.

Read our conversation by clicking the button below and check out the full issue of In the Limelight here.

More From Clarissa Burt and Gloria Feldt

Both Clarissa and Gloria were inspiring guest interviews on The Power of Charms, and appear in my book of the same name. If you haven’t heard their interviews check them out below or revisit them for some meaningful insights into their careers, motivations, and the symbols that empower them.

The Importance of Women as Leaders with Gloria Feldt

Media Maven Making Waves with Clarissa Burt

Create Your Custom Community Bracelets for Maximum Impact

A custom charm program can serve as a reminder of how valuable the members of your community are to you. Gloria’s organization, Take the Lead, used a custom charm as a gift for graduates of her many programs. The sterling silver charm and branding bead were a tangible way of reminding the graduates what they had learned throughout the course and of the power they have to be brilliant leaders. Whether you use them as a powerful reminder, to celebrate milestones, or welcome members, a custom charm goes the extra mile to make your group stand out while showing unity and gratitude. 



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