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We come across great resources and programs daily as we work with our vast array of clients. So we set up a referral and affiliate network to help you. We update this regularly through our BLOG (subscribe to stay current).

How do you rank?

It’s important for marketing purposes to know how your charity is rated by independent organizations like Charity Watch and the larger Charity Navigator.

Both use extensive criteria in forming a single rating.  Seeing what your potential donors see can help you play to your group’s strengths.  You can search for a charity using Charity Navigator right now.   >>>

Raise awareness and money!

In the last few years crowd-sourcing or crowd-funding for donations has exploded online.  For private businesses Kickstarter has been getting all the attention and press.  The great news is that there are several similar sites designed with charities and non-profits in mind.

Three sites we found being used successfully are listed to the right.  Each offers free, and scaled paid services to create dynamic pages for your cause, and facilitate fundraising.  Combined with email and Facebook/ social media blasts you can streamline the donation process.

Charity Charms are an integral part of the puzzle.  We know that having a thank you item that people like and will wear adds significant awareness to your cause.

Click the picture above to review the free and low cost products Google offers to nonprofits, including Adword Grants to advertise your cause.

Additional resources:


Click the icons to visit these sites that offer great information and fundraising/ corporate sponsorship tutorials and services.








“At DVSAC GivingBands have been an important part of increasing awareness for Domestic Violence. We LOVE our GivingBands and are using them throughout our organization. Our Ribbon and Logo Charms are a wonderful reminder of the ongoing mission to stamp out Domestic Violence.”

Khnuma Simmonds-Esannason

Executive Director , DVSAC, Virgin Islands

Since 2004 over 500+ custom charm programs have been created for charities, schools, businesses, teams, and foundations. These thousands of charms have helped Spread Awareness and Raise Millions, while telling the story for important causes.