Law, Order, and Giving Back with Ashley Adams

by Oct 13, 2021Podcast

Criminal justice and the justice system are often a hot topic. Lawyers are always being asked how they can defend those who have done something wrong, and the answer isn’t always easy. But much of the time in court many underlying factors such as background aren’t considered. Today, the world is constantly changing and so is the field of criminal justice. As things evolve, the landscape for those leaving incarceration becomes more and more difficult. This week on the Power of Charms we spoke to Ashley Adams. Ashley is an attorney who balances her career as a lawyer shining the light on people who made poor decisions with her passion for giving back to those incurring the lasting effects from the choices they have made.

Join Kay and Ashley as they discuss her career, her philanthropy with various valley nonprofits, starting her own foundation, and more!

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Ashley’s Power Symbol: Lady Justice’s Blindfold


ashley adams power symbol

Ashley’s Power Symbol is Lady Justice’s Blindfold. The powerful imagery of Lady Justice blindfolded and holding the scales of justice is a recognizable symbol. But why does Lady Justice have a blindfold? It symbolizes how justice should be rendered without bias. As Ashley puts it, we bring our biases and backgrounds into the decision-making process. The Blindfold serves as a reminder that we should evaluate the cases on facts rather than preconceived notions. 

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About Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams is the president and CEO of Ashley D. Adams PLC. She specializes in white-collar criminal defense cases representing corporate and individual clients in federal and state criminal trials. She is a former United States Assistant Attorney and currently serves as the American Bar Association’s co-chair for the Southwest Region’s Subcommittee on White Collar Crime. Ashley is a member of the ABA’s Health Care Fraud Subcommittee and the Women’s White Collar Defense Association. She was recently named by Super Lawyers as one of the top 25 women attorneys in Arizona. She is a Fellow of the American Bar Association, a member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers, and was named by National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 100 in Criminal Defense. 

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