Are Logo Charms Part of Your 2019 Marketing Plan?

by Dec 10, 2018Campaigns, Inspirations, Product Spotlight

As we approach the new year, you are beginning to plan for the months ahead. What goals are you trying to reach? How are you going to increase awareness of your cause or your brand? No matter what you’re trying to achieve you know it should be cost-effective and purposeful. Logo charms are a key way to meet both of these requirements.

Are logo charms part of your 2019 plan?

Logo charms should be a part of your 2019 plan for a few reasons. First, they are an important way to reach potential supporters and customers. In fact, around 58% of people keep and continue to use branded products they receive. This is a key opportunity to give your recipient a quality product they will continue to use for years to come. Second, you’ll be increasing brand recognition. Use of branded products draws attention to your logo making it instantly recognizable to others. This carries your brand messaging the extra mile when it matters the most. 

When it comes to branded products for optimal results the products should be usable and high quality. This will allow the products to drive interest and keep engagement going. According to recent findings, 89% of consumers can recall a company based on a product they received at one time or another. For this reason, the products should be of high quality for consumers but budget friendly for your organization. In essence, branded products act as a business card. Packaging features your contact information and your ever-present logo. This means finding your organization again will be easy. 

Bring Your Logo to Life 

People have embraced charms for centuries as a wearable way to show their passion for interests. What better way to help them show their passion for your cause or company than with a beautiful and meaningful charm created from your logo? Charity Charms’ expertise lies in turning your logo into wearable charms. The charms are then attached to a variety of styles of jewelry to accessories. Everything right down to the packaging is customized to match your brand and messaging. Our jewelry and accessories are quality products that your supporters will want to wear for years to come. We know you’re in the midst of planning your 2019 marketing strategy. As a result, we want to share our charming sample pack with you. 

This Charmstorm sample pack contains examples of our products including our most popular items. Each pack contains:

  • Logo Charm and Branding Bead samples
  • 10 symbol GivingBand samples
  • 1 each: CharmaPower bracelet, Bangle Dangle, Caring Cord, Charm Fob, and Keychain
  • Sample carding and collateral including how to use your charms and a price sheet

This sample pack is a $100 value usually costs $39.95, but we are offering it FREE until December 31, 2018. Select ‘pay by check’ at checkout and you will not be charged. Terms and conditions do apply. 

Click below to receive your sample pack and get your 2019 campaign planning off to a charming start!

Terms and Conditions: In order to receive a FREE sample kit you must be a part of an organization, school, non-profit, or business. Quantities are limited. Offer ends December 31, 2018. 

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