Tyler Butler & The ESG Revolution

by Sep 30, 2021Podcast

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Corporate social responsibility isn’t a new concept, but you probably haven’t heard of ESG. Our guest on the Power of Charms this week is Tyler Butler. Tyler has worked in the field of corporate social responsibility for years and is now seeing the critical rise in the importance of environmental, societal, and governance issues. It’s no longer just volunteering and grants that can make up a business’s commitment to the community. Over the past year, there has been an awakening that is ensuring modern businesses are creating positive change through any means they can. 

Join Kay and Tyler as they discuss ESG, the importance of sustainability, and what inspires her to do the important work she does. 

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Tyler’s Power Symbol: The Heart

tyler butler's power symbol the heart

The Heart is a symbol many of us can agree is important to our lives. To Tyler, the heart is the easiest symbol to translate caring and giving when incorporating into a business’s brand. Tyler is a caring person who is even known to sign her name with a heart. The Heart is the core of our humanity and the primary symbol of love. It also symbolizes truth, honesty, joy, compassion, and charity.

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About Tyler Butler

Tyler Butler is a dynamic leader and creative thinker best known for being a corporate social responsibility practitioner and community activist. She has worked for powerful companies like Microsoft and GoDaddy. She has founded her own consulting firm, 11Eleven, which is a boutique consulting firm assisting companies that care. Tyler has led change and awareness campaigns for companies like Nissan, Bridgestone, Shell, and more. In addition to this work, she was a society and fashion contributor for Frontdoors Media and even launched her own bracelet line, Brands Taking Stands. Tyler is a community advocate working with Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Club, The Arizona Science Center, and more. She believes that magic is something we create, and leadership is not a position or a title, but rather action and a choice. 

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