3 Ways to Engage a Sponsor

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Campaigns, Corporate Program, Resources

Since 2004, Charity Charms has been creating meaningful charm programs for organizations to use in throughout their organizations to raise awareness. We focus on nonprofits and charities because their purpose is helping those in need. The ins and outs of running a charitable organization can be difficult particularly when it comes to marketing and the expense of it. Finding a special product like a custom logo charm comes with a cost and it may feel as though they may be out of reach. In 2020, we are renewing our purpose to help organizations form valuable partnerships that will fund their impactful charm programs.

Here are 3 ways to engage a sponsor to help you fund your charm program. 

1. Private Donor


As an organization that often times relies on donors, you know how valuable they are. A private donor can fund your charms as part of a restricted gift donation. This means their donation goes to funding a specific need. It can create a lasting tribute to the donor and when you customize your charm program, you can find a special way to thank them for their donation. 

2. Grant Proposals 


You’re used to writing grant proposals. Add in the cost of your charm program into a grant proposal and use it as a way to acknowledge and thank the grantor. This creates impact because it builds unity with you and the organization providing the funds. It shows their support of your organization while allowing you to thank supporters, raise funds, and more. 

3. Corporate Underwriters


These days more emphasis is being put on purpose. Each of us, businesses included, are finding that it’s important to engage with products and services that align with values and purpose. In fact, according to a recent survey, in 2019 86% of customers reported that companies sharing and communicating purpose has increased their customer relationships. This is why engaging a corporate sponsor to underwrite your charm program can be a great fit for both parties. You will be able to partner with an organization that shares your values and supports your cause, while creating a cause marketing relationship that can be shared with your supporters and their customers. For example, the National Bank of Arizona being recognized as one of the top 25 most philanthropic companies in Arizona by AZ Big Media for their use of our Charmed Giving Program. 

Our Solution: The Charmed Giving Program

Charmed Giving is a program that engages underwriters and sponsors to fund charms. It co-brands the sponsor and the organization through logos, names, etc. within the product and its packaging. Businesses have a role in shaping society and reflecting the values of their consumers. Charmed Giving helps you leverage this new business focus with the opportunity to share in a philanthropic story while building a lasting partnership. 

We have many success stories of organizations who have found sponsors for their charms whether it was a private donor or through Charmed Giving. 

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Caregiving.com & Aging Matters International

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Streetlight USA & Private Donor

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