5 Really Good Reasons to Use Charity Charms

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Many organizations across a variety of industries use some type of branded product for awareness. In fact, they’ve been a cost-effective marketing tool for years, and they have real-world tangible results. This is because it reduces the amount needed to spend on marketing without reducing the amount of attention. There are many different types of these items and you should take time to find products that set you apart. Why is that? Take a look at some of these facts from sageworld.com:

  • In the United States, 8 out of 10 consumers have 1 to 10 of these products
  • 6 of the 10 consumers will keep these products with them for up to 2 years
  • 85% of people will do business with the organization after receiving the item
  • 63% of consumers will give away an item when it is not needed

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, the study also revealed that these items can draw 500% more referrals from consumers who are satisfied with the gift item. This means the more significant and meaningful your item, the more people will talk about it to their friends and family. As a result, your organization and its generous gift gets out in front of more people who will want to take part.

You may be asking yourself what types of items are most meaningful. Items that can be used in every day life are special and meet all these requirements. Charity Charms custom logo charms are beautiful, useful, tangible tokens of your cause and brand.

5 Reasons to Use Custom Logo Charms Within Your Organization


1. Cost-Effective Marketing

An expansive advertising campaign may be something your organization can only dream of. It takes an army to take your advertising to a large scale among tons of media platforms. Charity Charms logo items make a great marketing campaign because of their quality. The better the product is, the higher the impact on your recipient. When you use Charity Charms as an element of your campaign, you will take your message farther. You’ll be adding in word of mouth alongside your regular marketing channels.

2. Instant Brand Recognition

You want people to be able to identify you as soon as they spot your logo no matter where it is. Charity Charms custom logo charms turn your logo into a wearable token that keeps supporters remembering you and your amazing cause. They can wear it daily and keep it for years to come. Every time they look at it or talk about it with others, they will be recognizing you and your beautiful gift.

3. A Beautiful Business Card

Surely you use business cards within your organization. Custom logo charms act in the same function but with better results and are far better looking. By distributing your charms to supporters, partners, donors, or anyone in your audience, you’re sharing your organization with them. Whether it’s a new introduction or a simple thank you to a longtime supporter, they will remember you for awhile. Charity Charms offers custom carding with your product so you can share your mission, vision, contact information, or even a QR code with the recipient. Another item they can keep as a reminder of you.

4. Increased Exposure

Online advertisements pass through the eyes immediately and can be forgotten. Useable gift items, like custom charms, stay in front of they eyes much longer. They are an amazing way to get your organization exposure every day. This is especially true among people who may not have heard of you but see an eye-catching item worn by a supporter.

5. Loyalty

As an organization, you want your supporters to keep coming back to you rather than going elsewhere. Logo charms are an additional resource that can help you build a strong, loyal base of supporters, donors, and partners. An organization that shows gratitude and care for their base can keep people coming back for more while simultaneously recommending you to others.

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These are a few reasons to use Charity Charms within your organization. When choosing items to display your logo, you want to choose something that meets your high-quality standards. The recipient is going to associate premium quality with you and it’s going to be an item they actually want to have around not to mention use. Charity Charms custom logo charms are hand-cast of 100% recycled pewter in the USA by experienced craftsmen. They bring your logo to life in a long-lasting, high-quality, and special way you won’t get anywhere else.

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