Giving Days have become a popular way of raising money for local communities and across the globe. You may have heard of the biggest Giving Day, GivingTuesday. GivingTuesday is a worldwide day of philanthropy that kicks off the season of giving. In addition to this global day of giving, many communities have started their own. For example, Arizona Gives Day, which is a yearly event where Arizona nonprofits gather support from the local community. As these types of events grow in popularity, and more and more communities are taking part, you may find yourself wondering if your organization should participate.

Taking part in a Giving Day gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Grow your donor base
  2. Introduce yourself to a broader audience
  3. Increase your donation amount

With more and more businesses doing matching programs and sponsoring, you have an untapped potential. You’ll be heightening awareness, building your buzz via social media, and creating that sense of urgency that inspires donations. The world is an uncertain place at the moment, and a Giving Day may help you receive the critical funding you need right now. In fact, GivingTuesday is putting on a special worldwide Giving Day called GivingTuesdayNow. GivingTuesdayNow will take place May 5, 2020 in order to serve the needs charitable organizations are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Closer to home, Arizona Gives Day has established a relief fund to help local organizations during this time and will be raising funds as part of Arizona Gives Day this year.

Here are a few benefits and reasons to participate in a Giving Day:

  • Exposure: Whether it’s a local or national Giving Day, you have the power to draw in a whole new audience of supporters. You can elevate your exposure in the media, with individual donors, and even find corporate sponsors with one single campaign.
  • Energize Your Supporters: An annual Giving Day is a great way to engage your base. Use your newsletter, direct mailings, and social media to get them excited about the fundraiser. When you set a goal, your supporters are more likely to help and spread the word so you reach your intended target.
  • Incentives: Motivate potential donors by offering an incentive. This can help you grow donations outside of your loyal base. You’ll be exposing yourself to potential supporters so showing them you care about their donation can possibly make the difference in whether they will donate or not.
  • Leverage Technology: New technology can be expensive and many organizations don’t have the budget to take part in them. Giving Days use the best in class giving platforms and tools to run their campaigns. Participating in a Giving Days allows you to take advantage of these platforms while engaging young donors who prefer online giving!
  • Raise More Funds: One of the biggest benefits of a Giving Day is raising more funds for your cause. Money is important and keeps your organization helping the community. Giving Days exist to rally the community together and motivate them to get out and give. They also have the ability to bring in more new donors that can become recurring donors which help your nonprofit to thrive.

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Adding Charity Charms to Your Giving Day Strategy

message charm bracelets stack pewter message bracelets stack

World Animal Protection Message Bracelets used in a GivingTuesday campaign

Charity Charms make meaningful donation incentives for Giving Day campaigns. Your logo is synonymous with your cause. It’s the very first thing people recognize when they see you anywhere. We turn your logo into a wearable piece of art that your supporters would love to receive. From silicone GivingBands to key rings, there is an incentive your loyal base is bound to love and use daily. It will make them feel valued, treasured, and keep them coming back for more year and after year. Our charms are long-lasting so your organization stays in their mind long after the Giving Day drive is gone.

Support Arizona Gives Day

All of us at Charity Charms work hard to support our mission of helping charitable organizations across the globe, but especially those close to home within our community. Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 on our community, we have decided to take action and raise money for the Arizona Gives Day Relief Fund. Now through the end of April, when you purchase items from our Have a Heart site, 50% of sales will be donated to the relief fund. Let’s #LOVEAZ together.

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