Aligning Your Companies GIVE BACK Philosophy with Your Passion

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These days it’s important for businesses to have a give-back strategy. Many businesses are just realizing their obligation to improve the world around them. This is not the case for Sierra Signs and Teri Davis who have made having a positive impact on the community a central part of their business for over 35 years.

Teri Davis has made sure her company and its culture of giving back is felt community-wide through her involvement with a number of charitable organizations. Sierra Signs’ give-back mission is to help “create and support long-term change that leads to financially stable and healthy individuals and families.” They support many causes but have a passionate focus on supporting food banks and providing emergency food assistance. For this reason, Teri Davis and her company were the perfect sponsor for the Key to Strength campaign supporting Waste Not.

Sierra Signs is an incredible sponsor helping individuals and families facing food insecurity due to the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, food insecurity could rise as large as 17.1 million due to the pandemic. This means, now more than ever, people within the community need our help. Waste Not reimagines food banks by taking healthy, nutritious meals that would otherwise be wasted and gives them to those in need. through the end of the year, we are partnering with Sierra Signs and Waste Not with a goal of providing 100,000 meals to food-insecure individuals and families.

Teri recently sat down with Kay for the Power of Charms Podcast. During their conversation, they discuss aligning your company’s give-back philosophy with your passion and Sierra Signs’ involvement in the Key to Strength program.

View their conversation below or click here to listen.

About Teri Davis and Sierra Signs

Teri believes success comes in many forms but is defined as being happy in what you do. This is why for over 35 years she has been committed to quality and customer service within her business and giving back to her community. Every day she is inspired by her community, her staff, and her family. She strives to provide inspiration and growth-promoting challenges to others. Sierra Signs has remained a locally owned, family business built on these principles. They are a full-service sign contractor providing quality signs and service with timely production and delivery. Their full service, highly skilled graphics department is equipped with all of the latest digital imaging technologies to create the perfect design.

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Be a Key to Strength and Provide 250 Meals

The holidays have barely started and we have seen lines growing longer each and every day. Throughout the holiday season, more and more families will be feeling the effects of food insecurity, but you can help. When you give $50 to Key to Strength you’ll be providing 250 meals through Waste Not. As our thank you, you will receive a limited-edition Key Fob through the sponsorship of Sierra Signs. These limited edition Key Fobs make great gifts and have a positive impact on our community. 



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