Lorraine Tallman: An Executive Directors New Challenge

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Lorraine Tallman’s daughter Amanda fought cancer for over 3 years beginning with leukemia and then a brain tumor. Throughout their journey, Amanda dreamed of starting a fun clothing line for kids that allowed them to remain comfortable during their chemo treatments. While Amanda’s life ended too soon, her dream lives on through the Comfycozy’s for Chemo apparel she created. Lorraine knows the challenges families undergoing treatment face daily so she set out to keep Amanda’s memory alive and make a difference in the lives of families going through a similar journey.

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels was born to support, assist, educate, and advocate for children and families battling childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. It is a celebration of Amanda’s life and her desire to help other kids just like her. Through their programs, they help relieve the burden on families, help them work through the traumatic moments of a cancer diagnosis and journey, and celebrate important milestones. Childhood cancer doesn’t take a break because of a global pandemic, but Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels are here to help.

Like many nonprofits during the pandemic, Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels has faced new challenges. They have seen an increased need for additional services during the pandemic and have had to come up with new ways to help these families. Luckily, they haven’t had to turn anyone away. As part of our Power of Charms Podcast and Video Series, Kay spoke to Lorraine about the challenges they have faced, their participation in Key to Strength, and their upcoming Night of Hope Gala.

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The Defining Symbol: The Butterfly


Lorraine’s daughter Amanda was a special little girl who believed any time a butterfly was around, a miracle was in the air. So it’s no surprise the defining symbol for Lorraine and Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is the butterfly. Butterflies are miraculous creatures that have many symbolic meanings. They symbolize everything from transformation to joy and even times of transition. Butterflies remind us we don’t need to be stuck in what is comfortable and we have the ability to become whoever we are meant to be over time. The butterfly in Amanda Hope’s logo signifies its special association with Amanda and reminds families that whenever Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is around, a caring miracle is in the air.

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About Lorraine Tallman and Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels


Lorraine Tallman is the driving force behind Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization meeting the here and now needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families. With her personal experience in the pediatric cancer treatment system, she began a lifelong devotion to advocacy and support for children fighting this harsh disease. She is committed to fulfilling her daughter Amanda’s last wish to provide dignity and empowerment to every hematology and oncology patient through the donation of their very own Comfycozy. In addition to her daily work through Amanda Hope, Lorraine is a member of the Steering Committee for the Arizona Childhood Cancer Coalition, the Family Advisory Council, and the Memorial Service Grievance committee. She is also an instructor for Family Centered Care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and a sought-after speaker.  Her collaboration with CR Bard, an international medical device manufacturer, has developed a groundbreaking medical port needle device, called The Amanda Needle, for easy one-time access reducing patient’s anxiety and pokes for calmer treatments.

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