Are you using awareness months to market your cause?

by | Feb 14, 2011 | Awareness Months, Campaigns, Fundraising, GivingBands, Product Spotlight, Uses

Each month of the year is an AWARENESS month for a certain cause or causes. Awareness months can be a very effective marketing tool for your organization. Utilizing awareness months can increase donations in addition to awareness. When people hear about a cause they want to get involved. Having the perfect marketing strategy can reel them in and garner their support.

Using Awareness Months for Your Cause

One of our partners, WomenHeart, who work to promote women’s heart health, use their month to help boost online fundraising and raise awareness.
awareness months givingbands
WomenHeart features a stack of three GivingBands. The custom GivingBands created just for them promote their message. 
Charity Charms can help you create a custom fundraising campaign. In essence, it will help you maximize the awareness month that ties in with your cause. We specialize in creating custom products from your logo. Charity Charms products can are great donor incentives, thank you gifts, and levels of giving. They are a custom tool for your marketing efforts. They really help your supporters to help spread the word. After all, awareness months are all about your cause. You should be using them to gain maximum reach during this time. 
Charity Charms loves helping charities and organizations widen their reach. We do this not only our full line of colored ribbon charms in sterling silver but also on GivingBands are a low cost, minimum way to promote your awareness month
Charity Charms is ready to help you harness the power of charms for your awareness month!

Don’t miss out on a valuable fundraising opportunity!

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