Casa Uses GivingBands to Brand Brighter Hearts. Kinder Minds. Soiree

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First and foremost, bullying is a serious problem, but The Casa Center for Positive Social Change believes they have a solution. Their 2nd annual Bright Hearts. Kinder Minds. Spring Soiree was recently held in Scottsdale. Charity Charms, along with many others, were on hand to support Casa and their mission to improve the lives of children, teens, and adults. We worked with Casa to create GivingBands that would serve as a memorable memento of this event.

Casa: Making a Difference and Defining the Importance of Social Emotional Intelligence

casa givingband packaging and brochure

Charity Charms felt honored to make a custom event bracelet for their signature Brighter Hearts. Kinder Minds. event on May 8th. The crowd was very engaging and hung on every word of executive director Stephanie Orr. Notably, she has been executive director for 30 years and has become the industry spokesperson for abuse and its core causes.

Obviously, the tables were beautifully set and branded with colorful flowers. The Casa GivingBand was the key takeaway for each and every guest. Everyone felt absolutely delighted! Both men and women put on the bracelets right away. Furthermore, from now on they can wear them to spread the word about Casa and their mission. As a matter of fact, you can view photos from this event below!



Creating GivingBands with Casa

I have known Stephanie Orr for over 25 years. We recently reunited in April at a charity conference. Stephanie expressed an interest and specifically need for a special item to brand their signature event. I proposed custom Charity Charm’s GivingBands. A perfect fit! Additionally, Casa’s branding expert, Marla Matson from Loop Brand Strategy, created a beautiful message card to present the GivingBands on.

“Our Charity Charms box arrived! We LOVE THEM! They are so beautiful, professional, and substantial! We are thrilled and can’t thank you enough for all of your talents and hard work getting these designed and made last minute!”  – Stephanie

casa givingband charm logo casa brighter hearts kinder minds givingband charm

About Casa Center for Positive Social Change

It’s important to remember everyone has emotions. Not only happy ones but sad and even mad ones. The way we react to our feelings has an impact on our lives and the lives of others which is a point often overlooked. When given the proper tools we can truly create a more peaceful world. Overall, emotional intelligence gives us the chance to create positive interactions with others and, as a result, improve our relationships.

In brief, Casa Center for Positive Social Change is the leading organization addressing child abuse in Arizona. In addition, they address important causes of relationship violence and bullying. They specialize in the integration of social and emotional learning and emotional intelligence. As a result, they hope to decrease bullying, abuse, and violence.

In order to spread their message, Casa teaches these core competencies in schools and workshops. They provide children and adults with the tools they need to navigate life. Likewise, this approach helps to form better relationships and reduce bullying. Significantly, emotional intelligence education, in fact, increases academic performance!

Above all, The Brighter Hearts. Kinder Minds. event served to honor important leaders and build philanthropic support for Casa’s mission. Charity Charms loved being a part of this event. If you’d like to learn more about Brighter Hearts. Kinder Minds. or how you can get involved with Casa click here. Finally, view photos from this year’s soiree below!

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