Charity Charms Launches FIRST Braille Charm

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The National Braille Association continuing education to those who prepare braille. Not to mention provides braille materials to the visually impaired. They came to Charity Charms to design a special gift for the outgoing president. What began as an outgoing gift blossomed into our first set of fundraising braille charms.

The National Braille Association is an international organization helping the visually impaired. Since 1945 they have been developing resources and applying standards to transcription problems. There are no local chapters or units, and everyone who joins ultimately does so as a volunteer. Even the Board of Directors is fully made up of volunteers. Given these points, it’s easy to see why spreading the message about NBA is important. Without volunteers, the hard work they do wouldn’t be possible. It was easy to see why this charm would mean so much.

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Creating Braille Charms

In order to create these braille charms, we chose a sterling silver charm. To ensure the braille became raised high enough to be readable, the charm was hand cast. The charm came with a ring that can adhere to a necklace, bracelet, or keyring. The charms appear at their national conference and as a tool to raise funds. They plan to put them online for levels of giving, more fundraising, and to increase awareness.
Overall creating braille charms was a new challenge for us at Charity Charms. But we knew that it was an incredibly important challenge to overcome. What began as a touching gift from one president to another eventually became a fundraising tool. A tool to increase their awareness. Ultimately because without awareness, volunteers, and fundraising, this help wouldn’t exist.
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