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I met Julia Patrick in 2003 as a recommended expert in the nonprofit arena, and one who could give me great advice as I crafted and flushed out my concept for Charity Charms. She met me with open arms and took me under her wing recommending ideas and relationships to forge and support my big idea. As the owner of Frontdoors Magazine at the time, I was so thrilled and grateful to have Julia’s sage advice. In January of 2010, when Charity Charms had been blessed with much success she featured me on the cover of the magazine along with an article titled, A Life Full of Charms: Kay McDonald’s Sterling Idea.

As a writer, and speaker Julia is brilliant and articulate. One of my favorite sentences in her article was, “While each charm uniquely depicts a specific charity’s logo, these little soldiers of support reflect a common theme. From health and education to social issues, these ingenious charms are at once iconic and revealing, serving as unique promotional tools in addition to raising money for worthy causes.”

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Fast forward ten years later, Julia sold Frontdoors to my good friend Andrea Evans and reinvented herself with a new focus: The American NonProfit Academy. The perfect fit for her years of working with nonprofits, advising them, and helping them grow. She has now launched THE NONPROFIT SHOW…the first and only of it’s kind. Born out of a project she thought was limited, “The Corona Chronicles,” the show was such a success that she realized there was a huge need to continue to share information and knowledge with the nonprofit community nationwide. Charity Charms is proud to include Julia in our circle of “Trusted Resources” She is a friend, a mentor, and a source of continual inspiration for all of us in the nonprofit community

“I guess I am a nonprofit architect of sorts. I love seeing NPOs build, grow, and find solutions.” – Julia Patrick


About Julia Patrick and American Nonprofit Academy

Julia Patrick has a passion and dedication for service. She is a multi-generational philanthropist, board member, and volunteer who has been involved with community service for as long as she can remember. Through her work as a board member she began to realize that when an organization lacks structure and industry best practices, their missions go unfulfilled. This lead her to found the American Nonprofit Academy.

The American Nonprofit Academy brings together expert panelists, instructors, and leaders within the nonprofit community to assist other nonprofits through innovative programs. Programs that educate nonprofits on issues that help them achieve their missions. In addition to her work with the American Nonprofit Academy, Julia leads lectures, board retreats, and keynote speeches in a lively style that is both engaging and informative. She believes when nonprofits succeed, we all succeed.

The Power of Charms Video and Podcast Series Episode 5: Julia Patrick

This week’s episode of our video and podcast series, The Power of Charms, features special guest Julia Patrick. During their conversation they discuss the growth of The Nonprofit Show, Julia’s daily broadcast, which originally began in March 2020 as the Corona Chronicles, addressing the urgent issues confronting nonprofits. They also discuss her commitment to working together to help the nonprofit sector survive and flourish through the 2020 pandemic and beyond.

View their interview below or listen to it here.

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