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Healthcare workers and first responders have become heroes as they save lives daily on the frontlines of COVID-19. These incredibly important heroes are performing a miraculous service for communities around the globe. With this at the center of our hearts and minds, we wanted to share one of our favorite projects from last year: Valleywise Health Foundation. Formerly known as the Maricopa Health Foundation, they have a mission to help with research, resources, and many more things our healthcare system needs especially right now. For over 140 years they have provided critical care to people throughout Arizona. In the process of rebranding their nonprofit, they reached out to us to create a series of unisex Caring Cords to increase awareness of their new brand.

Bright, Fun Custom Bracelets With Impact

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Caring Cords were one of our most popular custom items last year. They are unisex, versatile, and appeal to a large audience of people. As a crowdpleaser, they were perfect for Valleywise Health Foundation healthcare bracelets because they met their needs and were made to showcase their new brand. We started by creating cotton, braided bracelets in their bright signature brand colors. The exciting thing about Caring Cords is getting to see unique colors like their teal, magenta, and bright green brought to life in an eye-catching way.


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“We were excited to create a custom Caring Cord that features our new Valleywise Health logo and ALL IN campaign. Our team used them to introduce a new concept and re-brand to our employees, and raise engagement and support for Valleywise Health Foundation. They were a real hit!”

Katie Jensen

Valleywise Health Foundation

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About Valleywise Health Foundation


Valleywise Health Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Valleywise Health. Valleywise Health is a public teaching system supported by the foundation. Their mission is to raise funds for Valleywise Health programs, educational resources, important research, programming, and critical patient services like those in need for COVID-19. They believe in the power of community first and foremost which is why their main objective is to create healthier and happier communities across the Valley. Much of their hard work is aided through people who see the purpose behind their work. Generous gifts donated to Valleywise Health Foundation maximize the impact of Valleywise Health and bridge the gap between public funding, insurance, and what patients can afford to pay for healthcare.

Click here to learn more about Valleywise Health Foundation

A Creative Way to Brand

Your organization has put hours of work into your brand and the intricate pieces that help it stick in the minds of your supporters. Charity Charms custom logo charms and items take your branding to new heights by turning them into tangible, memorable pieces your supporters will love to talk about. Just like with Valleywise Health Foundation’s healthcare bracelets your item is custom to you right through to the packaging which means your recipients will get to know and support you in a brand new way.



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