Michele Swinick & Creating a Community of Support

by Mar 23, 2021Podcast

These days more and more people are looking for the larger purpose behind what they do in business, their career, and their lives. Giving back, making a difference, and ensuring we live fulfilled lives has become a focal point for many. Our guest on the Power of Charms this week is Michele Swinick, host of Everything Home, founder of the Purpose-Driven Platform and Socially Conscious Marketplace. Everything Home and its counterparts help connect businesses with other businesses, customers, and even nonprofits that share in their values. 63% of consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands that reflect their values and beliefs. This is why Everything Home’s Promos for a Purpose all-in-one marketing solution is so valuable to spread their mission. Everyone included in their platform is vetted and gets a stamp of approval so consumers know they are working with the best. 

Michele founded Everything Home for those who have a bigger purpose in life than simply making money. The businesses, consumers, and individuals that believe their dollar should go a little bit further whether that means being donated to a cause or patriotic people investing in America through Made In America businesses. Time is our greatest asset which is why Michele and Everything Home believe in sharing the messages, organizations, and resources that matter to her audience. Her latest addition to the platform is the Socially Conscious Marketplace which donates a portion of sales from vetted partners to support their nonprofit partners benefitting vets, kids, and animals.  

Kay recently spoke with Michele about Everything Home, its purpose-driven platform, how it’s driving collaboration and helping nonprofits along the way.

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About Michele Swinick and Everything Home

Michele Swinick is a former radio presenter and the self-proclaimed Queen of Quality Content, a patriotic purpose-driven entrepreneur, and passionate collaborator. She is on a mission to help small businesses, other entrepreneurs, and service providers stand up for what they believe in and make a difference. Her innovative approach includes the Promos for a Purpose Partnership and Marketing Experience, Purpose Driven Resource Platform, and the Socially Conscious Marketplace. Her goal is to grow content and the marketplace so the platform, businesses, and nonprofits can thrive. 

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