Becky Jackson & The Exhilaration of a Career Pivot

by Mar 11, 2021Podcast

Throughout our lives, we will be put in positions that make us pivot or reinvent ourselves. Whether with age, career opportunities, or just wanting a change of pace, these times come. Over the last year, many of us have taken a look at our lives and determined that we should be going in another direction or that it was just time for a change of pace. Becky Jackson had a similar revelation over the past year and went from being the CEO of a nonprofit to starting her own consulting business. 

Becky Jackson has a triad of talents that have led her to work with banks to nonprofits. She believes that no matter where you gain experience, you can take those learned skills and transfer them to wherever you go next. This has made her pivot from banker to nonprofit CEO to consultant, a success. Becky is an enthusiastic woman who truly goes above and beyond to make everyone smile and remind them how special they are. This is just one of the many reasons her view on collaboration is so important. To Becky collaboration is a foundation you should have no matter what you do or where you’re working. Ideas and unique circumstances and experiences can give rise to great things including better solutions that can help others. 

As a consultant, Becky utilizes her experiences and expertise to meet the challenges of small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits head-on. She understands that at the very heart of these organizations, is the purpose behind their work. But passion isn’t everything and sometimes you need a Becky Jackson to come in with a plan ready to make your organization everything you imagined it could be. 

Kay recently spoke with Becky on the Power of Charms podcast about her triad of talents, her new consulting business, and her view on the importance of collaboration among other things. 

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The Defining Symbol: The Scales


becky jackson defining symbol - scales

Becky Jackson’s symbol is as unique as she is. The Scales is her symbol for two reasons: She is a Libra and that is the astrological symbol for the Libra and she craves, like all of us, balance. Becky is happiest when she has balance in her life. When thinking of scales, Lady Justice immediately comes to mind. Lady Justice and her scales symbolize the fair distribution of law. But did you know the Scales are the sign for Libras and the only non-living astrological symbol? It defines Libras because they tend to go through life stopping, observing, contemplating, and then acting. They aim to be collaborative, fair, and balanced in all areas of life which is similar to the purpose of scales. 

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About Becky Jackson

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Becky Jackson’s mix of experience, leadership, and wisdom comes from her one-of-a-kind career as a bank president and the CEO of a chamber of commerce and 3 nonprofits. She is a strong and decisive leader who prides herself on bringing organizations and individuals together. She has gained the trust of many organizations by doing one thing: hitting organizational milestones. She is a progressive, strategic leader who can help you build, change, and sustain. When she’s not consulting small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, she is spending time with her adorable 7-year-old granddaughter, Ivy.

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