Introducing Project Lolo Cause Bracelets! Helping Children Live Limitless Lives

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Approximately 93 million children across the world are living with disabilities. This makes them one of the groups who often have their rights frequently violated. Children with disabilities often receive different treatment because they lack what is typically considered normal. In other words, they suffer discrimination and exclusion based on lack of knowledge and a fear of the unknown. It is important to realize the devastating effect this can have on children. We recently helped Project Lolo create brand new cause bracelets to help spread the word about this unfortunate reality.

Exclusion can make a child feel invisible not to mention lower their quality of life. They are far more vulnerable and often denied basic rights due to their disability. In short, Project Lolo champions for children to live a life without limits. They provide important access to care in order to allow children to live quality lives and be a part of their community. Project Lolo believes children are equal no matter their race, geography, or physicality.

Designing Brand New, Meaningful Cause Bracelets with Project Lolo


project lolo cause bracelets packaging

I loved this project and Leslie. Leslie Pitt Schneider had just launched Project Lolo and wanted to build a line of products to help her brand. They would be used to brand her cause, help raise funds, and increase awareness. She found Charity Charms while researching charity bracelets on the internet. We offer so many items that I felt it was important to have an in-depth meeting to discuss which option would be right for Project Lolo. After a great conversation, we determined it should be a unisex bracelet featuring her logo and signature turquoise color. After all, it is the perfect fit for these cause bracelets.

I had been working on a new macrame bracelet with a vendor in Greece and knew these were the right choice. To complete the bracelet packaging, Leslie’s design team created a 4 x 4 message card in yellow and turquoise. The card tells Project Lolo’s story and features key contact information. The final outcome was so impactful that when Leslie received her cause bracelets she emailed me and said: “Thank you, I’m crying.” 

For me, this validated why I do Charity Charms. Helping such special causes by providing meaningful, tangible talisman to help them spread the word is so rewarding. I feel truly blessed to help. Now that the Project Lolo bracelet is officially launched, Charity Charms will work to help spread the word through social networks. As a result, we will be helping to guide people to them, allow them to purchase bracelets, and Project Lolo will keep 100% of the net profits.

“Working to develop Project Lolo’s bracelets has been a sincere delight, from the very first photo call until now. Kay is the best of the best!” – Leslie Pitt Schneider, Founder & President at Project Lolo

1 year later: An update from Project Lolo

“We use our custom cord bracelets in so many ways (event giveaways, fundraising, online, etc). They have been a great marketing tool and one of my favorite exmples is when I gave them to the people in my yoga class…it was like giving them gold. They are all wearing them and helping us spread the word about our work at Project Lolo.” – Leslie Pitt Schneider, Founder of Project Lolo


Project Lolo: Helping Children Live Their Lives Without Limits


According to the World Health Organization, children under 5 in developing nations are susceptible to a variety of risks that negatively impact their lives. For example, poverty, malnutrition, and poor living conditions. Ultimately, these risks can impair a child’s cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development. Differently abled children can suffer further consequences due to inaccessible environments and a lack of services. This is why advocating and being a voice for children is especially important to Project Lolo.

Above all, Project Lolo believes children should not be denied healthcare, education, or dignity due to a lack of resources or orthopedic abilities. As a result, Project Lolo provides access to medical care and devices like wheelchairs, crutches, and even prostheses. In addition, they provide books and educational toys that empower the children. Consequently, these children examine their value and appreciate their unique qualities. Furthermore, they give children a chance to embrace who they are and how they fit into their community.


Turning Personal Experience Into Goodwill


Leslie Pitt Schneider founded Project Lolo in 2007 after reading about unfair conditions children with disabilities suffer in developing countries. Leslie turned her own life-changing, childhood event into a valuable resource for children all over the world. At age 6, Leslie lost her leg in a traumatic accident, but she persevered. Rather than being defined by the experience, she turned it into a mission to give back. She believes if just one child becomes positively impacted by Project Lolo then the organization’s mission is a success. It’s women like Leslie and Project Lolo that are bringing awareness for causes often overlooked. Project Lolo gives children a chance to be a part of their community and play with their friends.

To get involved with Project Lolo please visit their website.


project lolo cause bracelets

This blog was updated on April 18, 2019

Get Your Project Lolo Bracelet

Proceeds from this bracelet will help provide access to orthopedic care and orthopedic devices, like prostheses or wheelchairs. You’ll be helping children live limitless lives they may not have gotten the chance to live without your help!

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