Raise Awareness for American Diabetes Month This November

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Help Raise Awareness by Wearing a Stop Diabetes GivingBand!

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Wearing a GivingBand charm bracelet daily is an impactful way to raise awareness for this deadly disease. For example, if you have diabetes, it can be a constant reminder to take care of yourself.
Moreover, if someone you love has diabetes, buying a GivingBand helps fund resources. Additionally, if you want to make sure it doesn’t affect you or your loved ones learn about the cause. Specifically, you can raise awareness by wearing the bracelet and telling others what you know.

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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

These GivingBands are a friendly reminder of many people’s daily struggles. But the importance of the American Diabetes Association has never been more important. The American Diabetes Association has improved the lives of people living with diabetes for over 75 years. They are in a relentless pursuit of the science that will lead to a cure. As a result, they help people from diagnosis through treatment not to mention working as advocates.

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Because generous supporters like you made a gift that made a difference, we can raise awareness. GivingBands are a tool for education and aid in raising valuable funds. As a result, the American Diabetes Association can continue getting closer to a cure.
Charity Charms is proud to work with the American Diabetes Association. Given all these points, it is the perfect union. Collaboration is key when causes are as important as diabetes is.
Let us create a custom program for your organization. They can raise awareness for your cause. Not only do they spread your message, but they are an amazing fundraising tool. GivingBands are custom made to fit the look and feel of your organization.


Find even more ideas for spreading your cause on our new Charms In Action page!

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