Charms for Recovery and Wellness: They Really Work

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For centuries, charms have been seen as healing amulets. Not to mention reminder talismans and reinforcement tokens. Nothing has changed. Charms are still commonly used to inspire health and good behaviors. Wellness centers across the country are embracing The Power of Charms as part of their program. For example, creating recovery jewelry to inspire recovery and wellness.

Charms for Recovery and Wellness

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The RETREAT has premier drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Retreat uses GivingBands by Charity Charms for clients to wear plus aid in their recovery. The charm on their recovery jewelry features words from their logo: Retreat and Go in Peace.

When clients graduate from their program, Retreat encourages them to wear the bracelet. This is done daily in order to remind them that they have overcome their addiction. Not to mention will continue to do so in the long run. Recovery Centers of all sorts are increasingly using bracelets and charms to reinforce their programs. Recovery jewelry, like this, provides hope and support to keep people on balance.

“As Retreat at Lancaster County was in development, I soon realized that we were onto something very special. We wanted to present our patients a unique and lasting reminder of their journey and a symbol of the road yet to come. CHARITY CHARMS bracelets are the perfect solution! The response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

 Peter Schorr, CEO

Recovery Jewelry and Much More

Whether its drug addiction, alcoholism and even weight loss, any kind of behavior modification program can use charms. Charms enhance their message and increase their program success rates. Even yoga studios and hospitals feature wellness programs. Above all charms benefit a wide variety of organizations. It’s not just recovery jewelry, but jewelry to help your supporters stay on their path.

Do you know a wellness organization that could benefit from a custom charm program?

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