Six “Gives” to Share Across All of Your Networks

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Giving receives a whole new meaning when I read this post from my friend Margie Albert. These six gives were important for me to share.
Charity Charms is a company that provides non-profits a vehicle to spread awareness. In addition, we work with our clients giving and sharing ideas to help them be successful. We have always just considered this part of the process, but Margie’s article makes us realize we need to share all of our valuable information. Not to mention interaction across our networks.

Today’s Remark: Six Gives

In Today’s world, we are all about “self-serve” (A term stolen from the must read book, Youtility). We search everything ourselves and prefer to get as much information as we can without talking to an outside source other than our friends. Therefore, as a business, in order to become a friend we must be willing to give – and give, and give, and give.

Yes, no more embargoing information if we want to be a part of today’s business. If we don’t get it from you we will find a way to get it from someone else.

What does that mean? It means to be in control we must lose control and give.

Here are a six gives:

  1. Give information your clients want and don’t hold back. On your website, in your blogs (if you aren’t blogging you should be), in social media – information all about them! Give facts, data, trends, everything an advetiser would need to want to do business with you. Stop asking and start giving.
  2. Give Guidance. Help your fellow workers and clients become successful, those who aren’t as fortunate as you are, or advisors do the right thing even if it doesn’t include your station.
  3. Give encouragement. A simple nice job can make someone’s day. We get bombarded oftentimes with criticism in the form of suggestions to improve all the time. How about giving real encouragement? And often! To co-workers, friends, clients, neighbors – everyone.
  4. Give time. We are all busy but we allocate and prioritize our time so give some to those who might need it. Might only be 10 seconds but when someone asks you a question or for your opinion, take the time necessary to provide it. Shrugging someone off can be devestating to them. Plus you just might be tossing away a perspective you hadn’t thought of.
  5. Give ideas. Ideas are today’s currency. Be generious. Take a chance with your ideas. Do you know how many people thought Steve Jobs was insane?! Maybe he was a little but look what he accomplished for us!!
  6. Give your excellence. You expect others to give their best so you have to as well. Every day, all the time. Everyone fails at times, but the real failure is not trying with all you have to offer.

Above all, be committed to giving and you will be remarkable! Plus you”ll be amazed at what you get in return!!

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