Spreading Rainbows & Making Sure No Kid Goes Hungry

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It’s amazing to see people within their community coming together to help others. Today we want to share a special young girl and her do it yourself (DIY) project with you. Stella and her mom came to Charity Charms with a beautiful vision for custom charity bracelets and we couldn’t wait to help them bring it to life.

Stella’s Vision & Spreading Rainbows

Stella is 9 years old and on a mission to help stop kids from going hungry. She knew she had to do something when she witnessed kids like her standing in line to get a hot meal. Finding out that this may be the only meal those kids get for days had a huge impact on Stella. So, she started Spreading Rainbows. Spreading Rainbows is a way for Stella to make a difference, spread smiles, and help children who are food insecure. She believes, above all, no child should have to feel hungry.

beaded bracelet and caring cord custom charity bracelets

Spreading Rainbows started as a food drive concept, but grew into a fundraising vehicle through the sale of custom charity bracelets made by Stella. 40% of all net proceeds from her website help give meals to kids in need through No Kid Hungry. Just $1 means 10 meals for a hungry child, and Stella has donated 7,000 meals to date through funds raised from her jewelry line. Stella herself has designed a line of beautiful jewelry ranging from bracelets to anklets and even necklaces. Each design is made of great Earth-conscious materials like stones, beads, and shells. She offers a message card with each piece to tell her story and mission while making sure all package is eco-friendly.

stella wearing custom charity bracelets

Creating Stella’s Custom Charity Bracelets

Her jewelry line is branded with Stella’s special Branding Bead crafted with love. One side features her signature with hearts and the other side her cause: No More Hunger. To make Stella’s dreams come true, we created a DIY kit filled with symbol charms, Caring Cords, and GivingBands along with her Branding Beads. As a result, Stella was able to build the jewelry line of her dreams using her own designs, ingenuity, and show off her personality all while doing good.

custom charity bracelets branding beads

Stella not only sells her charm bracelets but uses them as meaningful giveaways. Her aunt is a nurse and she gave 11 angel wing charm bracelets to all the hospital workers to let them know they are admired.

We are inspired by Stella and love seeing what she is doing with her custom charity bracelets. This concept is what Charity Charms is all about. Showing gratitude, seeing a need, rising to the occasion, and helping in any way possible is at the very heart of what we do. During these times, it’s amazing what we can do for each other and how much one simple thing can mean to someone else. Seeing Stella give thanks to her community while raising important funds to make sure children don’t go hungry is so special we couldn’t help but want to share it with you.

Support Stella by purchasing Spreading Rainbows handcrafted jewelry here and be sure to follow Spreading Rainbows on Instagram to follow her journey.

The Power of Charms Podcast

We have launched The Power of Charms podcast! The Power of Charms podcast is a source of inspiration and feel-good stories from people doing BIG things in their community. Our very first guest is Stella and she talks all about her project Spreading Rainbows. Listen to her episode here or view her interview with Kay on our Youtube channel.

Create Your Own DIY Program

If you’re looking for a way to show gratitude or raise funds, be like Stella and create your own DIY program with Charity Charms. We have an expansive line of symbol charms and products to help you bring your vision to life. Add customizations and really bring your project together. Our staff is here to help so contact us today!



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