The Importance of Community

by May 12, 2020Campaigns, Community, Community Engagement, Our Clients, Uses

Right now the need for community has never been stronger. You hear it and see it nearly everywhere you turn: we may be at a distance but we are all in this together. From every news channel to every social media channel, you find posts and videos of people doing amazing things to help their community stay connected and feel good despite all of the uncertainty around them. There are many different types of communities and we are all part of at least one. We rely on our groups more than ever to give us a sense of purpose, keep us informed, and lift our spirits. It is true. We are in this together and we are all working together to navigate the world right now. It is easier with others, and while our lives have been altered, we still have people finding new ways to keep those normal events and connections going.

We mention community and gratitude a lot. In fact, they are two huge chapters in our Charm School. One guiding principle we have is always showing gratitude and letting people know they are appreciated as a member of the group. A community is a group of individuals that are connected to each other by something else. What links the community together is what is rooted in the core of the group. It could be a women’s group meant to help women become amazing leaders, a business development group, or a group dedicated to helping a cause they are passionate about. It’s the familiar thread that joins these people together. At a time where we are relying on people to give us that sense of community, you may find yourselves bonding even more than usual.

custom membership gifts custom charm bracelets

We have seen clients want to enhance their bond and common thread with their community through creative projects like custom charm bracelets. Custom charm bracelets can be used in many ways to reinforce community:

  • Welcome new members
  • Encourage and empower members
  • Thank members for being a part of the group
  • Reinforce behaviors
  • Remind the recipient of the community that is there for them
  • Commemorate milestones and anniversaries

We look to our communities for guidance and a sense of belonging. Wearing a beautiful custom charm bracelet that signifies their membership and inclusion is a big reason Charity Charms are a powerful tool for your community, no matter what that community is.

When human beings feel like they belong, are wanted, and like a part of something they tend to respond better than when they do not. A welcome gift or gift that ties everything together, may seem like an incredibly small gesture, but it does wonders for the recipient. The significant gift can even solidify longevity. Community is about growing with other people who feel the same way you do. These days, we are all growing in new ways and learning lessons we can share with others. Have you thought about all the ways you’re engaging with your favorite community right now?

Most things are virtual right now which allows us to remain connected and together. Our social media platforms have become a way to share our experiences with others. Now more than ever a tangible token provides an added dimension when your group wants to thank amazing people on the frontlines. We can help you bring your community to life in a new way.

If you’re looking for a way to bond and thank members of your community with a special token, contact us today! 



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