Susan Brooks: Helping Women Find Their Way

by Jan 25, 2021Podcast

Over the past year, many of us have been reevaluating many parts of our lives. This has meant making new changes whether it’s with a career, family, or even finding new passions. But that hasn’t been easy for all of us. Many have felt misguided or even lost. What do you do if you’re feeling like you need to go in a new direction, but aren’t sure how to do it? Our guest on the Power of Charms, Susan Brooks is here to help. 

Susan Brooks is a woman of many hats. Teaching is central to Susan’s life. She began her career as a teacher and has always loved opening the eyes and hearts of people. She ran a successful cookie business, Cookies from Home, as a way to show gratitude and build something special for her. Susan ran a flagship cookie store in Athens, Georgia serving up delicious cookies from a family recipe, and eventually started a new venture Cookies from Home. After selling their company and running the entire entrepreneurial cycle, Susan has continued to change paths while inspiring others to find (and follow!) their passions in life. 

Kay chatted with Susan all about her result-based strategic coaching program for women business owners and corporate leaders and how she is helping women leaders transition both personally and professionally. 

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The Defining Symbol: The Sunflower

One of our favorite parts of the Power of Charms podcast is learning the meaningful, defining symbols that our guests love. Susan Brooks and Charity Charms founder and CEO Kay worked on a project for women over 50 called THRIVE@55. While looking for a symbol to encompass the entire project, a sunflower kept showing up and they knew it was a sign. Sunflowers are unique flowers that thrive on sunlight and are made up of 55 seeds that continue to flourish and regrow. Just the same amount of women who would be involved in their new project. It was perfect. The sunflower was used to remind the women they are robust, vibrant, and committed to life and service.

Looking for a sunflower charm of your own? We like these from James Avery, Kay Jewelers, Alex and Ani, and Kendra Scott.

About Susan Brooks

Susan Brooks coaches professional women who want to grow and transition to the place they want to be. She believes in strategy and mindset and understands there is no one better to coach women than someone who’s been there. Her business expertise and real-world experience have given Susan the knowledge to create the strategies and action plans to help build a balance of business, leadership, work, and life. Susan Brooks has over 30 years of business experience as owner and operator of Cookies from Home. She won the Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award and is the founder of the National Association of Women Business Owners Phoenix Chapter. Susan has also written 3 business books and a business column for the Phoenix Business Journal. 

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