Lisa Wester & The Importance of Women’s Corporate Communities

by Feb 2, 2021Podcast

In 2019 the proportion of women in senior management roles grew to 29% globally which is the highest number recorded to date. This remained steady in 2020 and we hope it will continue to grow as the years go by. For this reason, women’s groups within corporations are critical. They exist to empower women, give them opportunities, and network with other women within their own workplace. They are even better when they exist in a global structure so women across the world within the same company can connect, bond, and learn from each other.

In episode 18 of our Power of Charms interview series, Kay chatted with Lisa Wester, senior marketing executive at LabCorp. Labcorp’s Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) has been helping women across the globe achieve their goals, network, and form long-lasting partnerships through their job. Lisa came to Charity Charms looking for a beautiful bracelet that would unite the women who are members of WEN no matter where they live in the world. Lisa’s “make it happen” attitude was incredible to work and create with. Through the process, several different bracelets were made including gorgeous bluish beads that paired well with the WEN logo, but the final winner was a gorgeous pearl bracelet with their special charm.

Read More About WEN’s Bracelet Here

Kay chatted with Lisa about the Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) within Labcorp, how it’s making a difference in the lives of women across the globe, and the special bracelets Charity Charms and Lisa designed to unite their community.

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The Defining Symbol: The Sun

One of our favorite parts of the Power of Charms podcast is learning the meaningful, defining symbols that our guests love. Lisa Wester’s Nickname is Sunny and her defining symbol is the sun. The sun is the center of our galaxy and it gives off the light, energy, and makes life possible for all of the living things on Earth. Many cultures since the dawning of time have worshipped the sun in some way and it has been depicted in many ancient drawings making it one, if not the, most popular symbols on Earth. To Lisa, the sun symbolizes positivity and she believes that we should always take the chance to stop and look up to it. She finds it a happy symbol to look at whether it’s in a text or as a charm on her bracelet. 

Looking for a sun charm of your own? We like these from Kendra Scott, Alex and Ani, Pandora, James Avery, Heart O’ Gold, and Lucca + Danni

About Lisa Wester

Lisa Wester is a Senior Marketing Executive at LabCorp. She is passionate and a dynamic, innovative, and strategic business development leader with a career spanning over 35 years. While working with LabCorp she has upheld their mission to improve health and lives through world-class diagnostic solutions, innovative medicines, and technology to improve the delivery of care, she has won the LabCorp GEM Club Award and Best of Class Award for multiple years in addition to other accolades. She even spearheaded the launch of WEN to inspire and empower women to achieve their goals. Lisa lives in North Carolina with her family and is passionate about mentoring women to see themselves as leaders and CEOs of their lives.



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