WEN Charm Bracelets Empowering Women Across the Globe

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This post was updated in February of 2021

One of our favorite things about Charity Charms is how each organization is inspired to create something meaningful for their community. Each project is so unique, special, and serves a different purpose. A common reason for our clients to create a custom bracelet is to bring their community together whether it’s just to unite them with a tangible token or thank them for being a member. Lisa Wester from LabCorp came to Charity Charms with a very specific vision of creating a bracelet and knew just what she wanted. As a result, the WEN (Women’s Empowerment Network) bracelet was born.

The Story of the WEN Bracelet

Lisa knew she wanted to create a private-label item with meaning that would define WEN’S brand and accomplish their objectives. She and Kay McDonald, founder of Charity Charms, worked closely together in order to create a signature bracelet that would not only celebrate WEN but bring Lisa’s vision to life. The WEN bracelet elevated our Charma Power bracelets by utilizing glass pearl beads on a stretch bracelet. We created a 3D custom charm designed from the icon in their logo. Both the charm and the bead size are larger than our standard size and play off each other to create a unique, special piece.

WEN women's empowerment bracelets logo charm

The intention behind the creation of the WEN Charm Bracelet was to create a defining piece that would connect and unite our WEN members across the globe by creating a powerful “sisterhood” provoking leadership mindsets globally throughout LabCorp.” – Lisa Wester

Each WEN pearl bead bracelet is presented to the recipient in a signature hatbox with a message insert about the organization. The packaging was carefully selected to create an experience out of simply unwrapping their brand new bracelet. Everything about the WEN women’s empowerment bracelets was well thought out and intended to wow and delight. The WEN Charm Bracelet was premiered and sold at WEN events. The bracelets are available to members via a private online web portal to make it simple for members to order their own stunning bracelet. They received a phenomenal reception and women couldn’t wait to buy them for themselves and their teammates.

Women's Empowerment Bracelets glass pearl beads on stretch bracelet

The WOW moments happen days and weeks after the WEN events are over when members send us their personal WEN charm bracelet stories. The charm bracelets have been a part of the spark that ignites the flames and passions of our WEN members and their experiences.” – Lisa Wester

The Power of Charms Interview with Lisa Wester

Labcorp’s Lisa Wester joined Kay on the Power of Charms podcast to discuss the Women’s Empowerment Network within LabCorp, how it’s making a difference across the globe, and the creation of WEN’s signature community bracelet. Lisa even shares her defining symbol with Kay!

Watch their conversation below or click here to listen.

About WEN (Women’s Empowerment Network)

WEN logo

WEN exists within LabCorp, the world’s leading health care diagnostic company. There are 14 WEN groups across the globe with 4 more expected to launch this year. Each division of WEN shares the same vision to inspire and empower women to achieve their goals. Their mission is to promote personal and professional growth. This is achieved by offering career development, leadership-focused forums, collaboration, and membership. They uplift and elevate the power of women’s voices within their organization.

Creating Your Community Bracelet

The women of WEN use the power of a purpose-driven charm to remind them of their importance and objectives. Even across the globe, a single, beautiful item is serving as a daily reminder that these women are a part of a great community that supports them. Women’s empowerment bracelets can provide extra meaning and serve a bigger purpose for your organization. You can create your own signature women’s group item that will unite and delight every member of your community. We work with you to create a special, defining item from start to finish right down to the packaging. Create a gift your women’s group will want to receive.



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