Traci’s Paws Saving the World One Animal At A Time

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At Charity Charms we love animals. We believe every pet deserves a loving home and there are many organizations working to make this possible for every pet. We recently worked with an enthusiastic organization, Traci’s Paws. Together with Traci’s Paws we created exciting fundraising bracelets. These GivingBands will encourage donations and help Traci’s Paws with their fundraising efforts. We were incredibly moved by their enthusiasm and couldn’t help but feel their passion throughout this exciting process.


Creating Exciting, Engaging Fundraising Bracelets


We wanted these GivingBands to reflect the personality and branding of Traci’s Paws. The fundraising bracelets are their signature purple and black color scheme. Additionally, the attached 100% recycled pewter charm brings their adorable logo to life. We added their slogan to the back of the paw charm. This serves as a reminder to their supporters they are helping to “Save the World One Animal at a Time.” In order to reflect the gratitude Traci’s Paws has for their supporters and donors, a “thank you” branding bead appears on each bracelet.


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“We recently became new members of the Charity Charms family as I ordered some GivingBands for my nonprofit! I am so excited with how adorable they are, and cannot wait to start sharing them with the world! I want to thank Kay McDonald SO much for her patience with me throughout the last year. As a previous sales person and the founder of an NPO with a short budget, I may not be the best client to work with but I am so happy she stuck with me. This is the start of a fabulous business relationship!”
Traci Steckel

Founder and President, Traci's Paws

About Traci’s Paws


traci's paws logo fundraising bracelets


Traci’s Paws is a 501c3, nonprofit organization run in San Diego. They serve as a pet rescue assistance organization. This means they dedicate their time and resources to helping pet rescue groups across California. Traci’s Paws helps increase the adoption success rate of rescue groups. Additionally, they provide these rescue groups with the necessary supplies and funds. This allows rescue groups to thrive in what they do best: finding welcoming homes for these lovable pets.

Traci’s Paws prides itself on being a part of the community. They help members of the community learn how to be responsible pet owners and create a better world where no pet is homeless. Along with pet adoption events and human education classes, Traci’s Paws also has many other ways of helping the community. They host pet food and bedding drives, provide pet hospitality, and even facilitate pet therapy. Most adorably, they hose Paw Parties to raise money while throwing birthday parties for our furry friends!

To learn more about Traci’s Paws or to donate, visit their website.

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