3 Important Things To Consider With Corporate Gifting

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We are inching closer and closer to the holiday season, and this means putting more thought into gifting. Has your business embraced giving as part of its company culture? Corporate gifting is a practice that shouldn’t be overlooked. Giving to clients, employees, and even charities you support has the power to spread gratitude and strengthen relationships. Relationships which, in turn, will sustain your business. 

Corporate gifting spreads your goodwill, establishes your brand, and shows the recipient you value the relationship. There are many reasons to give a corporate gift. It could be thanking a long-term client, welcoming a new client or employee, or simply thanking someone for an outstanding contribution to your organization. Whatever the case may be, the principle is the same:  Your gift affirms the relationship between the two parties. 

According to a Business Gift Satisfaction Survey, 57% of respondents said gifts can “impact their opinion of a business both positively and negatively.” This means that while you should be embracing corporate gifting as a practice, you should also be doing it well. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing your corporate gift. 


1. Is It Thoughtful? 


You must put a bit of thought into the gift. This means thinking beyond typical corporate gifts like calendars or gift cards. Gifts should be relevant, useful, and show the amount of thought you put into them. Giving a gift your recipient will actually use shows you think of them as people and they have value to your organization. When done right, they will use the gift and be reminded of you every time they use the gift. In fact, the Business Gift Satisfaction Survey revealed people are especially impacted when a gift tells a story and builds a deep connection. 

2. Add a Personal Touch


Consider the message you’re sending not only from the gift right but right through to the packaging. Your gift can make a statement simply on looks alone. Take a second to consider the first impression your gift is making. Skipping this step can devalue the contents inside. Be sure to include a personalized message letting the recipient know why they are receiving the special gift. In the digital age, a personal touch is an increasing luxury that shows you’ve really put time into the gift. 


3. Reinforce Your Brand


Don’t just choose any gift when it comes to gifting. There are many options when it comes to gifts and many places have services that help you find the perfect balance. A gift should carry your company’s brand and messaging no matter what it is. This can be present on the gift itself or on the packaging. Any way you slice it, corporate gifts are a way to stay in touch with your clients and employees. They are a reflection of your values and your corporate culture. Personalized gifts have an added quality of sincerity mixed with the messaging that keeps your brand in their mind each day. 

Corporate gifts make your clients and employees feel like you care about them. It’s a proven fact that employees are more productive and more engaged when they feel appreciated. This time of year, schedules can get hectic, don’t skip this practice. People may not always remember what you have done, but they will always remember how you made them feel. 


Why You Should Choose Have a Heart by Charity Charms for Your Corporate Gifting


The gifts we offer are Heart-Centered as they feature our iconic heart in circle logo. 20% of the net proceeds from your purchase goes to fund Charity Charms programs for underserved causes worldwide. You are not only giving a beautiful item with a timeless heart symbol, but a gift that gives back.

Our brilliant team works with your company to create custom messaging with the delivery of your gift. Think of us as your personal GIFT CONCIERGE when you are preparing gifts with scale for groups or events. And, we can also create any of the items in Have a Heart line into truly customized items with YOUR LOGO when you order 100 pieces or more!

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